Did you hear the rumour?

Did you hear the rumour?

Yip, sadly the rumour was true.

I had a call on Tuesday asking me "Is the rumour true, Pam?'

I had no idea what the caller was referring to, so I asked to know what the rumour was so I could confirm whether it was true or not.

"The rumour that you're not making chef jackets, shirts or pants anymore" was his answer.

"Quite right" I replied, "The rumour was true, because for the past two years our business has suffered terribly and we took the decision not to make any more chef jackets, shirts and pants and focus on making Australian made organic cotton aprons only"

Roll on 2022 and it's as if the planet is now rewarding us for all the good that we've been doing over the 7 years as we keep receiving emails, phone calls and  DM's asking us when we will have new stock of chefs whites and pants in store.

As we don't want to disappoint you, and as there is no one else designing and supplying  planet-friendly chefs whites.....the good news is:

From TODAY! for some styles, and by the end of July 2022 for other styles. We're going to continue to be the leaders and bring you the best planet-friendly chef apparel possible!

TODAY's new stock is:

Men's - Chef Shirt Super Rick in lightweight fabric

Men's - Supercool classic style chef jacket

Men's - Superslick BLACK Chef Shirt in lightweight fabric

Women's - Bliss Chef Jacket 

The other very good news is that we have our world famous aprons in stock and you can get them now! 

My apologies if you're in the waiting queue for chefs whites but since making the latest decision to continue making chefs whites, we honestly have to wait for the organic cotton to grow, be picked, woven and dyed, before we can begin to make your premium uniforms.

"So what's the solution in the interim and how do I get in the front of the queue for the new deliveries Pam?" I hear you say.

This is what to do:

1.Visit our online store, select the product and the size you would like and if that size is sold out, a little box will pop up showing:







Enter your email address in the box and as soon as the item is restocked, you'll receive an email letting you know that you can now shop for what you wanted.

  1. If you'd like to order bulk quantities of chefs whites for your team, send us an email letting us know what you're looking for and we will generate an invoice for you to pay to. Once paid for, the items will be reserved for you and you'll receive the stock on the agreed dispatch date.

If you'd like bulk quantities of aprons for your teams, email us at hello@creamcollection.com.au and we can supply you right away.

"Can I buy my uniforms as a pre sell online if they're not in stock, Pam?"

Sadly not, as I've seen too many companies do this only to disappoint their customers, and usually company ends up employing customer service teams just to deal with the deluge of inquiries from customers who are trying to track when they will be receiving their chefs whites they've paid for, so, unfortunately, nope, we won't be offering pre sell.

Hope this all makes sense,  if you need clarification of anything I'm here to assist.

My number is 0414 235 816 and my email is pam@creamcollection.com.au

Remember: First In, Best  dressed, legends.



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