Introducing…...Ladies Premium Chef Jacket


You set the bar high in your kitchen, using the freshest ingredients, trend setting flavours, exquisite plating. Set the same standards with your work attire. Your new Premium chef jacket is so beautifully made it might make you gasp in admiration. The finest premium quality 100% organic cotton for your utmost comfort. Tailor-made to your shape with lovingly hand stitched buttons and features you won’t believe you lived without.

When you step into your kitchen, how do you want to feel? Confident? Comfortable? Motivated? Inspired? You’ll feel all of that and more when wearing your new Premium chef jacket. Think of it as your magic armour. The 100% organic cotton with a touch of spandex will keep you feeling cool, comfortable and free to move long after you’ve started your shift. The classic fresh chef white colour that gives a sense of prestige will motivate you to create magic and inspire others. Instantly capture the results of all that inspiration with your mobile phone, tucked away into the patented hip pocket. Premium quality for the premium chef.


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