Meet Alyce

Ladies you love looking your best at all times. You work out, you eat well, and it shows. You love being able to wear styles that enhance your great figure. You feel sexy wearing the slimmest fit, well shaped, quality fabric designs. You wish you could look this good at work, when you are in your element. You love what you do, but not what you wear.

Prepare to fall in love, because the style game has changed. A brand new style of chef pant, just launched, created just for your sense of style.

When you slip on the Alyce pant you will feel as sexy as when you’re in your favourite cocktail dress. The slimmest fit you will ever come across in work attire, a fifties vibe high waist and a zip at the back for that extra smooth, extra snug factor. Finally, chef pants you can flaunt. We guarantee you won’t want to take them off.

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