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Organic Cotton Fabric Face Mask by Cream Collection

Well done on being a responsible citizen to your community and covering up by wearing an Organic Cotton Face Mask. You deserve a virtual high five!

After a day of wearing your designer face mask, you may be asking "How do I sterilise my face mask to wear again? "

Good question, and here's the easiest way:

  • As you've bought an Organic Cotton face mask, the simplest way to get rid of any bacteria or virus is by laying the mask flat on an ironing board and placing the iron directly onto the fabric part of the mask, setting the iron to it's hottest temperature ( Linen or Cotton setting ) and pressing the steam button to release steam onto the face mask. Hold and steam for one minute both sides.
*PLEASE NOTE: you cannot use this simple method for disposable face masks, nor face masks made from polyester fabric (polyester is essentially) 
  • Do not iron the elastic of the mask as some elastics may melt onto your iron and ironing board, and you don't want that!

The COVID_19 virus cannot live in temperatures above 57 degrees, and a steam iron set to it's highest temperature reaches 130 degrees.   

If your face mask is looking a bit grubby and you'd like to wash the dirt out of it, here's the quickest way:

  • Once you've removed the mask, place the mask in a bowl of hot water with soapy detergent. Please note: Detergent, NOT Bleach!
  • Leave to soak for 10 minutes until water cools sufficiently for you to move the mask around in the water and give dirty marks a rub to dislodge dirt.
  • Rinse 
  • Once rinsed, pull the mask out on the sides to shape the pleats into place before hang drying
  • Hang dry by pegging the elastic. DO NOT tumble dry!
  • Once dry, iron as above instructions

Voila! your fabric mask is beautifully clean and ready to be worn again.








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