Our international customers give us FIVE stars!

Cream Collection uniforms are worn by celebrity chefs worldwide. Renowned culinary icons have chosen to wear our uniforms, as our uniforms are fashionable and stand out against typical uniforms.

Canadian chef Rodrick W Dawson says:

"Let me start by saying I've been in the culinary industry for 14 years this December. I have worn countless chef jackets, shoes, aprons and pants. I tried them all from all the big names to the retro small business. I'm consistently on a quest to find the best uniform that is stylish, cut properly and made from good material THAT LASTS.

As a chef we know we work long hours for the labour of love for our plates and Mise en place.... We want to be comfortable in uncomfortable setting/situations.

I purchased 2 white super ricks lightweight jackets with snap button downs on the collar and on front. With apron tab and sleeve tabs also. It fits like a glove, perfect cut lots of room to work with. Organic cotton lays perfectly on my shoulders. I don't feel bulky, constricted and awkward. Cuts perfectly around my arms and chest. Still room in the belly and hips.

I'm 5'7 180lbs broad shoulder, big arms and chest. I wear XL on this cut.

Highly recommended this jacket and company. Chefs don't walk, run! Pick this jacket up asap you will not be disappointed. S/o Pam Burnett!! The handwritten note and package is priceless. Its a bout the small details I love about any company, that treats their customers like family and shows appreciation for our craft. Thank you Pam and team! "

From Australia to your International address

Carbon neutral delivery to your door within 10-25 days.

Your parcel will be dispatched the next business day after your order date. A tracking number will be emailed to you and you can track your package at every step.

What our international customers are saying

“It's super light and comfortable and I can feel my skin and body breathing through it. It’s not like those old-school jackets that use synthetic textiles and don’t let the sweat or body heat escape. This jacket was a huge relief. Finally, I've found something that looks good, and also feels good.”


Well worth the wait

“Exceptional packaging and customer service to the highest standard. Being online would be hard for many retailers as you don’t get to connect with the customer. Cream Collection finds a way to do this perfectly.”

Ethically made apparel, using organic cotton

70% of our garments are made in Australia and Cream is the only hospitality workwear company in Australia using 100% organic cotton. Now you can support sustainability with a decision that feels good and looks fantastic.

“I feel good about supporting a company that has the same values as me which is the jackpot in business.”

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