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Videos and helpful advice to show how to wash your hospitality and chef uniforms, how to best iron uniforms, how to tie hospitality aprons, instructions on how to create an account, how to generate a tax invoice and how to find the size chart, and more.

How to generate a copy of your paid invoices

If you wouldd like a copy of all your paid invoices, follow these 4 easy steps here:

1. Sign in or create an account - This is also helpful to reference previous styles and sizes which you have ordered, and when you have an account you can accrue rewards points to redeem for really great gear.

2. Log in

2a. Or create an account

3. Click on the order number for the invoice you need

4. Right click and "Print as PDF or save" to your desktop



Here's a challenge for you

So you've bought a designer fabric face mask which you can wash and reuse. Well done to you. 

But, I have a question and a challenge for you: How good is the quality of your reuseable fabric face mask?

You probably did your research and read that it's best to buy a face mask made with three layers  of fabric, and yes, the amount of layers in face mask is important but the most important factor is how finely woven the fabric of each layer is.

Unfortunately it's useless having three layers of a loosely woven fabric for your face mask as particles can still pass through these loosely woven fabrics. To understand this, picture the loosely woven muslin cloth one uses used for straining liquids, these loosely woven fabrics won't stop moisture droplets moving them through them, and so the same is true for loosely woven fabric used in three layered face masks.

How do you test to see if your face mask passes the quality challenge?

Test no. 1:

Find a lamp which emits a strong light when the bulb is switched on. Hold your face mask up to the light and see if the light shines through your face mask. Can you see filtered light shining through? Can you see any areas where light is shining through or is the fabric blocking every little bit of light?

Watch the video to see how to test the quality of your mask.

If there is absolutely no light shining through, well done your face mask has passed the first of two tests.

If your face mask does have light shining through it, move onto the next test to see if your mask passes the airflow test.

Test no.2 :

Find a candle and light it. With your face mask on, take a deep breathe and blow the candle out.

If you managed to blow the candle out, unfortunately its's not good news.

If you couldn't blow the candle out, well done your face mask passes the Bill Nye test. Watch his test here.

I guess the best news of all is that our face masks get 100% for both tests even though they are made from two layers of cool and comfortable finely woven organic cotton, and not three layers of loosely fabric.

There's numerous other reasons why our face masks have 5 star ratings, and you can read the reviews here and get your premium quality finely woven face mask here.



How to Exchange

If you'd like to Exchange your Cream Collection garment, please complete this page, print it out and enclose it with the garment you would like to exchange. 

Before completing the form please note the following:

NO Exchanges can be made on SALE items, worn items, marked items, or items received more than three months ago.

Return shipping is for the purchaser's account, however as we're always generous, we will pay for shipping back to you for the new garments. 

1. Please fill out this form PDF form 

2. Print form

3. Place form and garment in a mailer and return it to :

P.O Box 376




 Once received, we'll check your garments to ensure they have not been worn and then ship your new garments immediately. 


If we can assist with anything more please contact us here



Personalise your New Chef Jacket, Chef Shirt or Apron

How do you Personalise new Cream Collection item?

Simply select the font (style of wording) colour and position of your name (or any word you'd like embroidered)onto your chef shirt, chef jacket or apron and we'll see to the rest.

Please allow up to 5 business days for your new embroidered order to be dispatched to you.

How do you do this?

Easy - Follow these steps below: 

1. Select the style and size you would like to order and embroider.


2. Click on the ADD NAME HERE button

This screen will pop up

3. Select Position, Enter the name you would like embroidered, Select font, Select Colour


5. Check the details you entered.

6. Once checked, proceed to the Check Out page.

And then, volia! your customised order will be dispatched to you within 5 days and you'll be strutting your new persoanlised item very soon!

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How to save time and frustration when washing your aprons

How To Earn Loyalty Points

You gave your input on how you’d love to be rewarded for your loyalty and now your new Cream Elite Loyalty Program is here and you will love it!

Make sure to create your account online so that you can start reaping all the rewards towards new uniforms and aprons soonest. Create your account by completing the form at this link.

There are loads of ways to get rewarded. Aside from gaining 1 point for every AUD dollar you spend, you can earn loyalty points for referring a friend or writing a review, you’ll even receive points for your birthday.

To show you how much we value your loyalty, you will receive 1 point for every AUD dollar you have already spent on your past Cream purchases (excludes postage) - Become a member now and get the rewards you deserve.

Please just note that when you sign up your email confirmation may arrive in your promotions folder (if you are using gmail) or junk folder (if you are using other email) so make sure to check these folders.

Join the new Cream Elite Loyalty Program.