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The CREAM Story

Inspired by the rock-star status of chefs and their passion for sustainable and organic food produce, Founder and Creative Director, Pam Burnett, established independently owned CREAM COLLECTION. This iconic Australian brand allows your team to wear a uniform that embodies passion whilst enhancing style.. It’s a brand that offers a point of difference, a unique combination of en pointe, comfortable and professional clothing that is sustainably sourced and sewn. No matter where you are in the world, Asia, Australia, America or further afield, you can enhance your brand and make a statement with CREAM COLLECTION.  All our hospitality apparel is designed in Australia and manufactured ethically both internationally and in Australia. 

When you meet Pam and the team, you’ll love their passion for delivering designer garments that boost morale and comfort levels to the max.

Take your brand to the next level

Delivering delectable food experiences that leave a lasting impact requires the perfect mix of skill, passion and consistency. To do this, you and your team need to feel great; you need to start the day on the right note. CREAM COLLECTION apparel is designed to be the perfect accompaniment to the kitchen or front of house; bringing you superior style, quality and comfort in one package. We want you, and your team, to look forward to wearing your uniform day after day; we want to enhance your passion; we want you to look forward to the day because you know you’ll look and feel good (even in extremely hot summers).

Australia’s best 

Chef’s and hospitality teams across Asia Pacific, Asia, America and Europe have discovered Australia’s best on -trend brand of uniforms. Uniforms inspired by the passion to create meals from sustainable organic produce that are good for the body and food for the soul. Your passion has led to ours, and the result is impressive... 

Chef jackets that breathe, that have little features cleverly created to suit your vocation, designed in partnership with Internationally renowned chefs. Aprons that strengthen your brand, are great for your shoulders and are comfortable to wear. Hospitality uniforms that look sophisticated and feel even better. Fabric that is made from sustainable organic resources, looking after our future.

Cream Workwear Chefs at work
The freedom to move and be creative 

While traditional uniforms are stiff and scratchy, the CREAM Collection is not. Our signature woven fabric means the fabric is soft and smooth against your skin with just the right amount of stretch, so the fabric works with you, rather than inhibit you. 

Be empowered to be creative. We have taken the time to identify the perfect blend of cotton and stretch to allow a comfortable level of freedom of movement.

Not all hospitality uniforms are created equal

Most chef jackets and hospitality uniforms are made from 65% polyester and have been manufactured in the same styles for almost a century. 

They’re often baggy ‘one size fits all’ chef uniforms that aren’t flattering. These jackets don’t make you, or your team, look forward to wearing their uniform on a long shift, especially not in the heat of the kitchen.  

From comfort, to style to breathability; CREAM Collection has been perfected to deliver a semi-tailored chef jacket, apron or shirt that enhances your brand and embodies your skills. 

With each item individually checked for quality before it is dispatched. In our quest for perfection, we only source 100% organic cotton, sustainably grown and of excellent quality. 

Plastic Water Bottle

Why Organic cotton and not polyester?

Mass produced chef and hospitality uniforms are made from at least 65% polyester based fabrics. Polyester, or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), is made by mixing ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid (basically it’s plastic). Polyester has come a long way, and it’s not all bad news, but it’s not the green solution of the modern day kitchen. We believe the benefits are outweighed by the negatives. 

  • Polyester is man-made from chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. 
  • Polyester doesn’t breathe, so it traps the heat in. Definitely not the solution for hot kitchens in hot climates such as Australia and Asia. 
  • It traps odours. Not great for BO (body odour) sufferers. 
  • Cheaper polyester fabrics can be rough on sensitive skin and cause irritations. 
  • Polyester is not fire-friendly. Any kitchen has a high risk of fire. Polyester, when set alight, melts. It’s plastic. It sticks to your skin and burns. Your natural reaction would be to pull it off, leaving severe damage behind. 

“I can remember the first time I put on my CREAM Workwear chefs jacket. It was a Sunday - one of those excruciating hot Australian summer days - and I was not looking forward to a 12-hour shift in an even hotter kitchen. That all changed when I slipped on my new chef jacket. It was so cool to wear, it didn’t restrict my movement, and I felt a sense of freedom to be creative - my mood improved and I was more than happy to go to work. These Chef threads are my best!”

Jason Roberts, internationally known chef, author, television personality, brand ambassador, fitness enthusiast and gluten-free lifestyle advocate. 

Love What You Wear 

We strive for perfection in each chef jacket, apron or hospitality uniform. Our goal? To ensure you, and your team, present themselves with sophistication and style. Your team will love you for their CREAM COLLECTION uniforms… Being on trend and in extreme comfort has never been easier. 

The tailored, clean lines of our uniforms have been designed in conjunction with hospitality staff and International chefs, enabling us to add those little features that make all the difference. Our stylish, high-quality uniforms (whether we’re talking shirts for the hospitality staff, aprons, Chef jackets or pants) are woven from breathable fabric that has just that little bit of stretch, so they move with you, rather than hold you back. 

What makes these Chef jackets and hospitality uniforms (shirts, pants and aprons) unique? They’re cotton. No, they’re not just cotton, they’re 100% organic cotton (with an added touch of stretch). Why should you care?

 Jason Roberts

Be hygienic.

Our uniforms breathe. They naturally wick the moisture away from your skin (this means they absorb the moisture off your skin), leaving you feeling cooler. Using certified organic cotton means that no toxic chemicals were involved in the growing uniform, so there are no irritants.

Safety first.

Kitchens have heating elements, and it’s not uncommon to encounter a fire at some point, our uniforms are not flammable. A CREAM uniform offers a cooler, softer, more comfortable, non-flammable option that your team will love you for (and if you’re the Chef, your skin will love you too!) 

Long lasting.

Long lasting (great for you, maybe not so much for us). 

As we strive for the highest quality garment, our workwear has been found to last more than 100 commercial washes and still look good as new. 

Break the mould.

Stylish and semi-tailored, our standard designer hospitality uniform range has been designed for the modern kitchen, restaurant or hotel with practical little features such as cotton eyelets, no labels that rub your neck, cleverly placed useful pockets and more. Want something a little more unique? We’ll custom design your uniform, jacket or apron to fit your needs perfectly.

Economic and socially responsible.

We care about people and the environment. All our garments are made from eco-friendly fabric, certified by ECO Cert to guarantee they are 100% organic cotton and our manufacturers are certified for ethical employment and infrastructure compliance. Find out more about our environmental and social responsibility.

Top quality.

We believe in perfection, and we strive to achieve this with every garment we sell. 

All our garments receive a final quality check in Australia before being dispatched. Should you find a fault, we’ll repair it with pleasure.

Make the switch to quality and comfort now.
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