Pam Burnett launches new organic clothing range

She made waves in 2004 with Earthchild clothing, when she introduced organic fabrics to the brand. The subsequent Earthchild slogan " Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good" was born from Pam's  dedication to ethical practices in the clothing industry and a belief that organic fibres are better for us to wear. Within a few years, the brand was massive, as parents aspired to have their kids feel good and look good while they did their bit towards supporting sustainable farming and ethical work practices. Now, Pam's on to something new...

Cream Workwear is Pam's new brand. Her idea came as she saw the health and spa industry boom and watched the restaurant industry focus more and more on sustainable farming and quality produce. She took a very close look at what they were wearing and noticed a lot of polyester (think hot and sweaty), low quality fabrics and designs that could use huge improvement. Here was another perfect opportunity to introduce organic fabrics and quality design. And so Cream Workwear was born.

The Cream basics include chef's jackets, aprons, pinneys, dresses, shirts and pants, and are made from 100% organic cotton - it's cool and feels great on the skin. Pam's included 3% spandex for stretch so the work can get done without feeling restricted. And she's added all sorts of practical design features like mobile phone pockets, hanging tabs, stain resistant finishes, underarm breathing eyelets and more. Beyond the basics, Cream designs completely custom ranges too, so you can give your business the eco-fashion edge! 

Cream Workwear is based in Sydney, and Melbourne is a second home. The basics are available online and Pam will come to you for a custom design consultation. I guess she can add "Work Good" to the old slogan.....:)


20 Oct 2014



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