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2 years ago today 1134 skilled clothing workers died due to working in an unsafe building which collapsed.

It could have been different.

Today we ask you to be aware of the labour conditions under which your clothing was made.

Is it worth thinking you've 'bagged a bargain' when the hands which made your garment could be those of an uneducated child? Or a parent who cannot afford to send their child to school? 

Is it worth thinking you've 'bagged a bargain' when the skilled machinist who made your garment was working unfair hours, in a dark, locked factory and being severely underpaid, all to achieve the cheapest price possible for a garment?

How would you feel if you knew that you were supporting this unfair trade by "bagging a bargain"?

How would you feel if you knew you could make a difference?

We're fortunate, we can do our own research, we can make informed choices, and we can vote with our dollars.

Please inquire about what conditions your clothes were made under. This applies to all clothing.. precious babywear, durable school uniforms, hardcore high-vis workwear, expensive haute-couture, disposable high fashion, performance sports clothes....etc.etc., all clothing. 

Most clothing brands which care & take responsibility will publish these facts.Support these brands, it's in all our interests to do so.

Meet Helen, she's one of the great team who make CREAM WORKWEAR. This team is in Shanghai. As you can see they work in a clean, well lit, well ventilated factory, and receive fair wages. It is their choice to work here, and they can thankfully afford to educate their children.  

Thank you Helen and team for making our clothes.









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