30 Wear Challenge

30 Wear Challenge

Have you ever considered how many times you wear an item of clothing and what value you’ve received from that item of clothing?

Think about the last time you went to a wedding or a formal event, what you wore, what it cost you and how often you’ve worn it since.

Then, think about your work apparel, what you paid for it,  how often you wear it and the value that you’ve got from it -  Interesting thought right?

Meet Livia, she has a little challenge for you……

This movement was popularised by Livia Firth (yes, ex-wife of Colin Firth – who happens to be a real leader in environmental issues). This challenge is an excellent way for us to all start thinking and easing our way into the sustainable fashion world for our work wardrobe. Livia calculated that in order for an item of clothing not to be harmful to the planet through it’s manufacturing process, we need to wear that item of clothing at least 30 times before it is “neutralized” . If you can confidently say that you can wear an item of clothing 30 times, then well done, you’re doing good!

Relax, we are not going to say don’t buy your new gear for work. It is merely a suggestion to THINK before you BUY

There are 3 main points to consider when making a purchase ….. 

  1. Do I like it and how often will I wear it? Am I buying it just because it’s cheap? Am I buying it for a special occasion and after that I’m not sure when I’ll ever wear it again.  
  2. If it does not fit properly, don't buy it – we have all been here … I will fit into this in a few months! Or it just needs to be taken in here a bit … likelihood is, this item will be sitting in your wardrobe for years to come – unworn!
  3. Last but not least, the real test – will this last 30 wears? We all know that comfort is the most important factor when trying on and wearing clothing or work gear, so if your clothing is comfortable, cool and feels good to wear, then there’s your answer, yes, you will wear it more than 30 times. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for a better quality garment as it’s longevity will way outlast a cheap and nasty clothing  item (and think about the harm a cheap and nasty clothing item is for the planet!)

So – get involved and become aware. Increase the longevity of your work wardrobe by purchasing comfortable, quality pieces that stand up to the rigours of your work life!

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