Good stories come in trees ....I mean threes..

Good stories have come in threes for us this past week….


Firstly in print…We’re so honoured to be in the Limelight section Peppermint magazine. If you haven’t heard of Peppermint magazine, it’s an Australian published magazine showcasing creative sustainable businesses and artisans. Along with Kinfolk and Green magazine, it’s one of my favourite print editions which I look forward to reading all in one go from cover to cover. Only disappointing thing about these magazines is that when I get to the back cover, my Alice in Wonderland moment has come to an end and I have to wait another quarter until the next edition lands in my postbox.


Then online….we were interviewed for an article for Restaurant & Catering magazine about the importance of uniforms for restaurants & cafe staff.

We all love to experience a story and I think it so important to create a experiential theatre for your customers,  no matter what business you’re in. 

It’s so simple to link the branding with the brand's ethos, and have your “actors” dress the part and deliver the brand’s story with a smile. Powerful branding images have a lasting impact way after the customer has left your 'theatre.' You can read the article here, and yes, the boobs image won over the image of a crisp pure white chefs jacket this time. 


Lastly .....and with great honour, our product shot was selected for the front cover of the ‘Textile Exchange’s Global’ report. The Textile Exchange is an organisation supporting, encouraging and reporting on global organic cotton production, mapping the journey and usage of Organic cotton from the farmer to the fashionista.

We’re privileged to be a member of the  Textile Exchange's “100 Club”, sharing the platform with Patagonia, Armedangels and Loomstate. To be part of the “100 Club” one’s product must use 100% Organic cotton, not a blend of, or a percentage of, but 100% pure organic cotton. We’re proud to say that we do.

The Textile Exchange's report shows that after 3 years of decline, organic cotton production has increased by 10% this past year. This is a great result for farmers converting from conventional cotton to organic cotton, and it’s thanks to companies like Kurkku for assisting the farmers in this conversion.

Lastly it's thanks to all consumers who are realising the importance of Organic cotton, without you, we could not support this meaningful way of production and a healthy way for all. Thank you.

Hope you get to creating or experiencing great stories this week,

All the best,





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