are you connected in the kitchen?

You’re delighted with the creation you’ve just plated, the lighting is right, and it’s time to take a picture for your portfolio and followers…where’s your phone?

If you’re wearing one of our chef's jackets, your phone is in the pocket on the back, just on your hip. It doesn’t interfere with your movement, is away from any heat, and out of the way from your plating. It is safe, secure, and keeping you connected.

Chefs often want to take photos of their food to post on social media. Their phones were always in the way of food prep on the counter top, and we wanted to solve that. We designed a slim pocket just big enough to fit a phone, and positioned it on the back of our chef jackets. The delighted chefs so love this simple solution that we’ve patented this back pocket for CREAM WORKWEAR’s chefs jacket.

Think of it this way :

  •  Music moves you. The rhythm inspires you. Where can you keep your tunes safe whilst working?
  • You’re catering an outdoor event, and want to hand your business cards to potential customers. Where can you keep them clean & secure?       
  • Working away from home, you miss the family, where do keep your phone to see their happy faces?
  • You’re working late and need to be able to contact your partner. Where do you keep your phone to keep it easily accessible, and secure.

Fill your pocket with purpose.
We believe in purpose, which is why we’ve patented this back pocket  feature for you.


Ever wanted your own uniform style for your restaurant or team?

With some great design input from Phil Wood, Head chef at Rockpool, Sydney (just voted Best Restaurant in Australia by Gourmet Traveller, and selected as one of the The HOT 50 Restaurants 2015 ), we designed a Chef Shirt which has all the functionality of a Chef's jacket, but with the added styling of a super soft button down collar and concealed front opening. 
With Phil's approval, we've added this new Chef Shirt style to our Classic range, so you can have it too.

If you've always dreamed of creating your own style chef jacket, uniform or apron for your team,  just call us to share your design ideas.

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