are you the coolest chef?

Having grown up in a hot and humid climate, I was in my element this weekend with that burst of full blown summer. As much as I love it though, I know it’s not conducive to chefs working in hot kitchens.

I’ve never understood why chefs work in what amounts to a toxic plastic bag. As most uniforms are made from 65% polyester, and only 35% cotton, this means that your uniforms are trapping in 65% more body heat than necessary. Thankfully there is a solution for hard working chefs, and it comes in the form of breathable cotton uniforms. Cotton uniforms absorb body moisture away from the body, into the fabric and release this moisture out, leaving you cool, calm and comfortable.
Our affordable & stylish organic cotton uniforms are even better, as they're made from 97% Organic cotton and 3% spandex, allowing for cool moves in the kitchen.

You deserve the better uniform.


                                    Do you know why you shouldn't be wearing polyester?

Have a great creative week, what ever the weather,

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