What's your story?

What's your story?

When your customers step into your restaurant, café or bakery, they expect to be delighted. Delighted by the sights, sounds, smells, touch and lastly the taste.

It’s similar to stepping into a theatre. Once the ambience of this theatre has met every expectation, the next thing you look for are the ‘actors’ - the servers, the makers, the ushers - the team that will lead you through the story.

We feel great when we’re greeted by a fresh face - neatly dressed, playing the part, and who proudly wants to share their story with us.

It is this image & story of your business that gives your customer an experience which they will happily pay for, and it motivates them to share it with others.

I don’t want to be greeted as I was recently (at a very up market restaurant) when the head chef came to meet his patrons. OMG. Did he not think that what he looked like would not be a reflection of his establishment and all that goes with it? He was a mess. His uniform was tatty, oversized, badly stained. Did he really think it was fine to meet his patrons looking like that?

What a different experience it would have been had he proudly stepped out wearing a well fitting, fresh, organic cotton uniform. His patrons would have been thrilled that they had made the right choice.

It’s easier than you think to tell a good story, to strengthen your brand, to strengthen staff morale and their pride, and to get your patrons to happily pay for the wonderful experience they’ve just received.

What story does your establishment tell with the uniforms you and your staff wear?

One of disappointment? or one of delight?








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