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For your high-quality products and aprons, Cream Collection has you covered. We are an Australian company that prioritises quality and ethical issues. Our products are all Australian designed and mostly sewn with a focus to looking stylish, fashionable and appealing.


You will find a wide range of great fitting aprons and lifestyle products, including premium boutique -style designs that are very comfortable and attractive.


70% of our garments are Australian made. Since we care so deeply about quality, Cream Collection is the only Australian hospitality workwear company that uses 100% organic cotton for garment production.

Whenever you think of looking fantastic and feeling good, feel free to visit our online store and select great clothing and homewares.


Our range of hospitality workwear


We offer the perfect blend of bespoke aprons which match every occasion and make the wearer comfortable.


Our most popular products are made in Australia.


Pro Aprons:

A variety of well designed, high-quality, and most comfortable chef and front of house aprons - the best you will ever find are available for your profession.


These products are made from a luxurious 100% organic cotton with a unique stretch weave that allows you to move around freely without getting in the way of your work.


We have different aprons that fit every person, including two different sizes, adjustable neck straps and cross back styles. You will find your premium apron in our collection. Please view our selection online; the perfect piece is waiting for you.


Do you also know that you can have a unique apron made just for your team? Yes! If you’re a fan of customised aprons, then this is for you as we provide the opportunity for customers to choose what they want for their aprons and make them accordingly.


All our aprons come with a 100% guarantee on comfort and are of the finest quality - cool and breathable garments that offer moisture control and insulation, especially when working in a hot environment.


This means you can take charge of your kitchen activities (should you opt for a chef uniform) without stress when wearing our environmentally-friendly, fashionable, and confidence-boosting apparel.


Lifestyle products:

Who needs a cool, breathable, and fashionable apron to step up their game? If you do, then you have come to the right place.


Here at Cream Collection, our lifestyle pieces are designed to protect you messes whilst in your creative zone. Imagine how relaxing it is to be cooking in a hot kitchen, or painting outside in the Australian heat, or gardening in the sunshine, or being creative in a hot workshop yet your body temperature is cool? That is what our organic cotton fabric provides!


How would you like to decorate your home with high-quality Australian made products that bring joy and absolute comfort? Come and shop for great organic cotton aprons and native Australian floral designed linen homewares produced from our designer range of prints.


Can you only get the above-mentioned products in Australia?


No, you can find alternatives to our products designed and made overseas, but you will find the quality will not be the same.


Here are a few key differences between them:

  • Our range of garments has been designed, trialed and tested by Australians who understand the need for functional yet fashionable clothing for our climate.
  • Our garments are made for healthy Australian body shapes, unlike other international companies who may offer garments for smaller body shapes, our garments are true to Australian sizing charts.
  • We don’t allow inferior quality - our business has grown due to the reputation we have for premium quality. By having Australian manufacturers located close by, we can visit them regularly to check on quality and help them improve procedures wherever possible.
  • We quality control every single garment before it is dispatched to a customer. Most businesses will order products from overseas, trust that quality checking will be carried out before the goods leave for Australian shores and then only randomly check for quality when the goods are received. In contrast, we check every garment, and if the slightest imperfection is found, the garment is rejected.


Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered!


Where are you located?

We are based in Sydney.


How fast can I get my order?

We can custom make small apron orders in a quick turnaround time, and create unique designs according to the business’s image. Comparatively, international suppliers require a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces per style with at least a three-month turnaround.


Is your company trustworthy?

Certainly, we are reputable as we supply companies such as Rockpool, The Carlton Ritz, and Lizard Island Resort.


What is your manufacturing policy?

It might interest you to know that we only work with manufacturers who treat their staff well.

We have even met and often share tea with every single one of our manufacturers.


How about your packaging?

All our paper packaging is also printed in Sydney, and therefore we, in turn, support other Sydney suppliers.


Do you outsource to foreign support companies?

Our marketing teams, bookkeepers and accountants are Australian, who in turn support the Australian economy.


If I place an order, where will my products come from?

Our stock is here in Sydney, and we ship from Sydney, we don’t ship from overseas. We know this sounds strange, but many businesses advertise here only to find out when payment has been accepted, that the item comes from overseas and may take up to a month to reach Australia.


What makes your company stand out?


Our customers love that they can pick up the phone and speak to real people, unlike other businesses who have automated chat lines which don’t answer many questions.

Another comment we often hear is that due to COVID, there is a desire to seek Australian made goods. However, it’s difficult to find Australian made goods, and when people see us, they are so delighted to know that we genuinely do make the items here in Sydney. 




The choice is yours.

This choice will make an impact on the environment as well as this beautiful country we call home.


When deciding on your next chef apron or lifestyle product, consider Australian made products.


Remember we stock a wide variety of  Australian made cushion covers, aprons, other workwear and homewares items .


For more information or any questions, please contact us today and let us help you with your choices.


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