Being Palisa Anderson

Being Palisa Anderson

Spend five minutes with restaurateur and food producer Palisa Anderson and you will wonder if there is anything this young, bright, extroverted woman can’t do. Her enthusiasm for her industry, and passion for fresh  ingredients is infectious. Her way of sharing her expertise while creating awareness and education is incredible to watch.

The daughter of the woman who paved the way for Thai food in Australia with her Chat Thai restaurants, Amy Chanta, Palisa has inherited her mum’s unwavering work ethic and wealth of knowledge. Not only has she taken the reigns of the family businesses, she is also a glowing example of achieving sustainability.

Her Boon Luck Farm, 46 glorious hectares in the Byron Bay hinterland, grows a constant supply of specialist Thai ingredients such as holy basil, apple eggplant and betel leaves for the nine restaurants in the family business..

Passionate about growing organic produce she is also instilling these practices and lessons about sustainability and biodiversity in her husband and kids who are often lending a helping hand with weeding. And while she maintains a big focus on growing traditional Thai ingredients, Palisa also wants to promote Australian native crops.

The farm recently hosted a native food tour group to inspect her finger limes, lemon aspens, and quandongs, among others. Although Boon Luck Farm is already a successful production hub for

the family restaurants, it’s Palisa’s dream to get to the stage where all the vegetables, fruit and herbs she needs for the restaurants can all be sourced from the farm.

Growing organic produce, teaching her children the importance of connecting with nature, involving them with the farm- we applaud Palisa for the wonderful work she is doing in the areas of farming and organic produce, and we are proud to have her as one of the Cream Elite.

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