Chefs, Are you ready to become Fashion Revolutionist?

Chefs, Are you ready to become Fashion Revolutionist?


What do you aspire for in a work environment? Safe and fair opportunity? Ethical conduct and fair wages?  Or just good work ethics?

We believe that just as you’d like to return home happy after a long work-day, so should the rest of the world.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s not a happy ending for many striving to make a living. Many industries are still infiltrated with unethical work conditions and unfair labour practices – predominantly the fashion/ clothing world, and yes including hospitality uniform companies.  How much did it cost people behind the scenes? And we’re not talking money, we’re talking dignity. That’s why we need to be Fashion Revolutionists.

So what is “Fashion Revolution”? On 24 April 2013 - 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. That marked the birth of Fashion Revolution.  These workers were working under inhumane conditions, they couldn’t escape the fire because they were locked within the building. It is our duty to ensure people behind the scenes, who sew and weave our garments to make a living, are doing so under fair and ethical labour conditions. Respect, ethics and fairness should not discriminate.

Solution? The Fashion Revolution believe the simple question ‘ who made my clothes?’ gets people thinking differently about what they wear. “We need to know that as consumers, our questions, our voices, our shopping habits can have the power to help change things for the better” says Fashion Revolution Org.  With more pressure placed onto brands to answer ‘who made my clothes?’ companies will be pushed towards becoming more transparent.

Why do we need transparency? It’s simple. Lack of transparency costs lives. To protect human rights and respect environmental practices, companies must first establish where their products are made. They need to then communicate this to customers like you. 

Why you should care as a consumer? Because each food service garment you purchase can have an impact. You just need to be Curious!  Wouldn’t you like to know that your chef attire was made with a smile? So find out a little more about the chef attire brand and company you’re supporting. Simply get in contact with them to ask #whomademyclothes and you’ll discover the real people throughout the supply chain.

At cream Workwear, ethical labour and working conditions are at the core of our business.  We don’t believe in “bagging a bargain” as along the way, it would have cost someone their dignity. Our talented artisans and skilled weavers create our premium products under ethical work conditions. We ensure they receive a fair wage, and not just a ‘living wage’. What’s the difference? A living wage is only adequate for sustaining a shelter, food and transport, whilst a fair wage ensures that in addition to that, workers can also afford education and save for the future. We believe people must be paid adequately to sustain a happy and dignified living. Sadly many companies only comply by the ‘living wage’ standard, which is unfair.

Who will you choose to support? Your choice in purchasing ethically made uniform contributes to a positive ripple effect.  Thank you for purchasing ethically-made uniforms. Be a proud #FashionRevolutionist





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