Do you pass the test?

Do you pass the test?

What test, you might ask? Everyone is talking about the 30 wears test. It's fun, productive, leads to a happier you, and, also a sustainable wardrobe. 

Simply ask yourself  - “Do I or will I get 30 wears for every item of clothing I purchase?” 

If not, then it’s not worth what you’re paying for it.

Livia Firth (the lovely wife of actor Colin Firth ) began the #30Wears campaign through her company Eco Age (a sustainability and communications consultancy) to encourage us to become better consumers, and promote having sustainable clothing in our wardrobes by only buying an item if we really know that we'll wear it.

The challenge is designed to make you rethink how you shop, and what you shop for. Are you an impulse buyer who goes out seeking something at the last minute? Do you see something “you just have to have" on the spur of the moment - without a moment’s pause as to whether you will wear it after this Saturday night?

As you know, in an era where everything is instant, where everything is accessible, and items we could only dream of wearing are at our fingertips online, we need to bear in mind that “fast" does not automatically equal “good,” whether it's fast food or fast fashion.

The key message of the 30 wears campaign - ask yourself every time you are about to buy something 'Will I wear it at least 30 times?' If the answer is yes, then go for it! You’ve made a wise decision.  You'll be really surprised, however, at how many times your answer is no.

Think about all the clothes you have thrown out after only one or two wears, or sometimes - gulp - no wears, tags still attached. It is such a waste of energy resources, a waste of money, and  waste of product. 

There's no time like the present to change how you shop for the better. 

Here are 4 easy tips to help you make a wise decision:

  1. Try to avoid buying a “this will make a statement” piece you know you are only going to wear for one occasion, and instead invest in something with more longevity that you can wear again and again. (at least 30 wears)
  2. Select more classic and versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways, rather than that one item you know is going to fall out of fashion in six months time.
  3. Choose to buy better quality clothes. Not only will they last longer, you'll feel better wearing them, and you're take better care of them because you love wearing them!
  4. Buy what feels great to wear against your skin as we can guarantee that this will become your favourite comforting item,  and an item which you will naturally choose more often than all the other items in your wardrobe.

The last point also extends to your chef attire. That's right. Just as you invest in your going out clothes, or chilling at home clothes, you should LOVE what you wear to work.You should feel like you want to wear it forever, and it should last (like all good quality, beautifully made garments do).

Don't fall into the pattern of thinking,  “Oh, it's just my work uniform,” especially when you work longer and harder shifts than most professions. Look at your uniform. Do you wear it because you want to? Do you want to wear it year after year? Does it go the distance with you?

We can't tell you how often our chef customers thank us for the quality, comfort, luxury and durability of their chef attire. Many of you can't wait to put it on everyday and that's the greatest reward - loving what you wear, looking great, feeling great. Don't spend time wearing cheaply made hospitality clothing you begrudgingly buy and throw out after a few months.

Browse our collections and select the fine dining equivalent of chef attire that you will proudly wear beyond 30 wears.

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