FREE DIGITISING OFFER until 31st January 2024

FREE DIGITISING OFFER until 31st January 2024

Upgrade your team's image with our exclusive January offer!

Until the end of January 2024, enjoy FREE LOGO DIGITISING on any 5 or more aprons ordered from Cream Collection. This is a great saving of up to $85.

Wondering why branded aprons are brilliant for your hospitality or retail team? Here are four reasons:

  1. Distinctive Identity: Stand out from your competitors with your company's branded aprons. Branded aprons add a touch of dignity, making your team feel confident and stylish in any setting.
  2. Team Unity: For businesses or groups, branded aprons foster a sense of belonging and teamwork. Create a cohesive and professional image for your staff, enhancing your collective identity.
  3. Free marketing: Branded aprons worn by your team are like walking billboards. Your customers are constantly reminded of your professional venue or store and make for memorable experiences.
  4. Saves money: By branding aprons with your company's logo, it ensures the aprons won't be "liberated" when a team member leaves, which saves your company money as the aprons stays with you and doesn't walk out the door as it can't be used at another venue. 

Take advantage of the FREE LOGO DIGITISING offer to upgrade your team's sustainable style with Cream Collection. Hurry, as this offer expires at midnight on the 31st of January 2024.

*This offer is for ONE Logo for every 5 or more aprons purchased.

Contact us here to get your branded aprons by the end of January 2024.


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