Have you visited the chef's workshop?

It’s a space where interactions are encouraged, connections are nourished and new beginnings are formed. You might even refer to it as a chef’s workshop’, Creative Director, Pam Burnett.

Invigorating, hip n’ happening with an invisible imprint on the environment - that’s the vibe you feel upon stepping into the Cream Workwear Alexandria studio-store.

As we continue to move forward, connecting with customers from different paths and creating better kitchen experiences, a new door was opened on the 3rd of April to introduce hospitality professionals to an exclusive hub of their own. It’s the latest venture to make premium hospitality attire and unique custom designs only an arm’s reach away.

Whilst others may suspend chandeliers and curtains, we’ve suspended air plants from one side, and contemporary aprons to contrast from the other. Lively plants trace the studio refreshing the atmosphere, and just under them you’ll find our premium chef whites, all perfectly aligned. With every element used being nature-bound, our brand has accurately fashioned an ambiance which remains true to our ethos.  

As it takes only 7 seconds for a customer to make a judgment of your restaurant, we’ve placed much emphasis on custom design. Centering the space is a crisp black workstation bench, waiting for you to rest your giant ideas and goals on. It’s then that we’ll custom design your establishment’s vision into reality.  Why the emphasis? It’s essential that your front of house is reflecting the vibe you’re instilling into your establishment. There’s nothing worse than conflicting brand messages. No one wants to have a contradictory brand, that’s a guaranteed loss of credibility. No credibility means an increased sense of skepticism towards every other aspect in your restaurant - from your food to your hygiene practices. So bring along your gallery of inspiration pictures, your hopes, fears and desires. We’ll be ready to make you and your team look and feel incredible in the kitchen tomorrow. When will you be visiting our Alexandria studio-store?

Call or email us today to book your complimentary custom design consultation,
1300 84 62 63 | Priscilla@creamworkwear.com.au.
Alternatively find us at 65/20-28 Maddox St, Alexandria, Sydney to check our existing premium styles.




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