Help with sustainability in your kitchen - the icing on the cake.

Help with sustainability in your kitchen - the icing on the cake.

Businesses that are responsible for the serving of food can reap a wealth of benefits by considering sustainability as part of their day-to-day commercial kitchen operations. We searched (and found) some great tips to help you out.

By reducing food waste, monitoring the performance of appliances, and implementing efficient food safety processes, businesses can enjoy more profitable operations whilst doing their part to help save our planet.

Reducing food waste is one of the most effective ways to operate more sustainably- traditionally this is linked with food safety. 

Tip One : Revisiting your food labelling system can help to reduce food waste whilst ensuring that a business that is responsible for the serving of food only serves the freshest and most safe food available. Making sure that your “first in” items are used first, you can reduce your wastage and reduce the costs of items not being consumed when at their best.

Tip Two : Investing in high-quality commercial supplies also supports sustainable operations. When serving or delivering meals to large numbers of people, for example, using high-quality food storage solutions helps to ensure that food is kept at a safe temperature throughout long delivery times and this also minimises the risk of contamination so that meals do not go to waste.

Tip Three : Fridge thermometers are another example of how high-quality commercial kitchen supplies can support sustainable commercial kitchen operations. Fridge thermometers allow commercial kitchen staff to monitor the internal temperature of the appliance and reflect faults that could result in the consumption of unnecessary energy (which is becoming a larger issue everywhere).  Ensuring the fridges are working at their optimum also reduces food spoilage and wastage.

Tip Four : Another area that you can make improvements in is looking at the sustainability of their single-use commercial kitchen supplies. By choosing biodegradable, or recyclable single-use commercial kitchen supplies, businesses that are responsible for the serving of food can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. For example, several piping bags may be used throughout the day for the application of ganache, icing or heavy creams. A simple consideration of changing to  biodegradable piping bags, can significantly reduce the waste output of the commercial kitchen. 

Tip Five : Sustainably sourced uniforms and aprons. The whole team will benefit from your choice to dress them in durable, well designed, comfortable workwear. You will continue your “earth love” in the most fashionable way. It’s guaranteed that your FOH and BOH teams will perform better wearing sustainably produced uniforms. Explore all of our ranges for your team here

Tip Six : Support the fantastic Compost Connect  For as little at $1 a day you can have your compostable waste collected AND reduce your carbon footprint AND rubbish collection costs.

We hope there have been some helpful ideas for you.   

Don’t forget the more sustainable practices you adopt, the more money you save in your business and you’re contributing to caring for this precious planet.

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