I Want Cream Collection Aprons For My Team, But The Initial Outlay Seems High

I Want Cream Collection Aprons For My Team, But The Initial Outlay Seems High

Are you a hospitality manager trying to strike the right balance between long-term investment and short-term cost? 

Then this blog post is for you! At Cream Collection, we understand how important it is to maximise your budget while ensuring that your staff are happy and productive. That's why we create durable aprons designed with longevity in mind. Each of our aprons is tailored to provide comfort, durability and ROI - essential components for team performance and your budget in the hospitality industry. 

In this blog post, we explore if investing in Cream Collection aprons is really worth it from both and a financial an environmental standpoint. Let’s dive into all the reasons why more restaurants trust us than any other company for their team’s uniforms.

Good Return on Investment (ROI)

The Cream Collection aprons aren’t just a great investment. They’re designed to make your team perform better and look professional. Beyond the longevity and ROI, these stylish and durable aprons provide cool comfort during long shifts, without irritating your staff.

With careful consideration put into the design, each of these aprons is crafted using sustainable materials, ultimately reducing your impact on the planet while giving you peace-of-mind in terms of quality.

Plus, when your entire team is wearing the same branded uniform with pride, it strengthens your brand, generates high morale and encourages collaboration within the workplace. Investing in Cream Collection aprons makes a difference not just to your wallet but for your team members too.

The Deposit Solution 

We have solution to ensure the company or organisation doesn't have to outlay all the costs for their team's aprons upfront. 

Why not consider offering a deposit-based 'buy-in" of these made-in-Australia aprons to your employees? By asking each member to deposit an amount which can be deducted from their wages or salary, you'll ensure appropriate care is taken during use and when they leave, the deposit is then returned.

This rotation of deposit-based "ownership" means the aprons will stay with your staff  for many functions to come, and the staff will ensure they care for their aprons to ensure they get their deposit back.

Claim GST, and GST Free for International orders 

The GST is claimable if your venue is in Australia, making Cream Collection aprons an even smarter purchase. Not only can you guarantee better quality and comfort for your team with these highly durable, environmentally conscious aprons, but you'll also get the chance to save 10% right off the bat.

Even if your venue is located out of Australia, bulk orders will not incur GST charges - so don't forget to look at the big picture and see how much you could gain already by investing in Cream Collection aprons!

Available Discounts for Bulk Orders 

At Cream Collection, we understand the importance of team uniforms, as they can help boost morale and performance. That's why we offer discounts on bulk orders of Cream Collection aprons - making them more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our discounts start at 20 pieces, with higher discounts for greater quantities and you won't be disappointed!

These aprons are made from premium fabric that offers maximum comfort and excellent durability. They're also sustainable and ethically made in Australia, meaning you can trust that your team is dressed in quality workwear that cares for the planet.


Investing in high-quality Cream Collection aprons for the whole team is a decision that has many rewards. Not only will you get durability, comfort and style from these aprons, but it can also help to increase employee happiness and performance, whilst caring for the planet too.

Cost is often a concern, however with our deposit system solution you can spread out costs over time while encouraging team members to take proper care of their uniforms - plus deposits provide incentives for employees to stay with you longer. 

All of these benefits will add up to happier staff who are proud to wear their aprons day after day. 

If you have any questions simply give us a call on 1300 846263 or +61 414 235816.

Call us now to get your team into Cream Collection aprons and experience all the benefits tomorrow.

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