Executive Chef and owner of Pilu Restaurant, Sydney - Giovanni Pilu.

Introducing YES CHEF!

We will be meeting with the best Chefs in Australia who wear and support Cream Collection Pro.

Today we venture to Pilu at Freshwater  - a landmark dining experience in Sydney. Featuring modern, contemporary Italian dishes inspired by the region of Sardinia, enjoyed in our heritage listed beach house, on the edge of Freshwater Beach.

We had the opportunity to ask Executive Chef Giovanni Pilu some questions about his inspiration and passion for cooking.

Who first inspired you to cook

My aunties in Sardinia. When I was 14 I started working with them in a restaurant/bar they operated in Olbia. From there I never looked back

What do you cook that most reminds you of your childhood?

Pasta, my mom made pasta all the time as it was easy to share among our big family. The ingredient that reminds me most of home is wild asparagus, my brother and I would forage for it in our back yard and often made frittata's with it for afternoon tea

If in this crazy world, there was a movie made about you... who would star as you in the movie? Go big

Tom Cruise!! He does his own stunts and is incredibly fit for his age. I participate in triathlons several times a year and think he'd bring the right energy to represent me. Plus we are of a similar height ☺ 

What is the next big event you are planning for at Pilu?

Our seasonal truffle dinner on July 28th Truffles are one of the few ingredients that remain truly seasonal and are only seen on our menu once a year. We celebrate Australian truffles with a decadent menu fully designed around this delicious ingredient.

In our opinion, what do you think Pilu do best? 

Exceeding customer expectations and creating amazing experiences. It's not just about the food, service, or the view, but how everything works together to provide an experience.

And what does Giovanni think about us?

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Thank you so much for your time Giovanni - or should we say Tom (insert wink face!) We LOVE your style and work!
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