Key Differences Between Cream Collection & Competitors

When buying hospitality aprons and uniforms, it’s important to know that there are differences in quality and service.

To make the right choices for you and your team, you should compare apples with apples and understand that not all products are made the same.

Did you know that Cream Collection is the only brand that offers garments made from Certified Organic cotton?

We are also planet friendly (pesticide + plastic free) and vegan friendly, and do not use animal by products like leather. 

Our entire range of aprons are also made right here in Australia, while other brands available in Australia aprons are mostly made overseas. 

Cream Collection customers also enjoy custom designs and rewards points which none of our competitors offer. 

There are also differences in design, comfort, width and length which are all clearly detailed in the table below:



So, when you’re online and comparing prices remember to also keep in mind that you get what you pay for! 

If you’re looking for long lasting, comfortable, quality hospitality aprons and uniforms that also keep the environment and sustainability in mind, we are the perfect choice for you. 

Now that you understand the difference, it's time to feel the difference too.



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