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Getting the perfect gift for a friend or loved one is not always an easy task. When owning a gift shop or tourist spot where people can look for gifts, especially homewares or lifestyle accessories, you have to be particular about the gifts you have in your shop if you want your customers to keep coming back. 

Sourcing for the perfect gifts to grace your shelves and wow your customers may be a tricky task, but with Cream Collection you can rest assured of finding the ideal lifestyle and homeware gifts your customers cannot resist. 

We have a wide range of Australian inspired homewares and aprons people would love to buy for their special friends or family members. Our selection is perfect for retailers including art galleries, gift shops, botanic gardens, and popular tourist spots.

Australian-made designer organic cotton aprons and linen homeware gifts

Our gift ideas at Cream Collection include hand-picked linen homewares and designer organic cotton aprons. 


Who wouldn't love to get a beautiful and colourful apron for a loved one? Different things contribute to preparing a delicious meal at home. Being comfortable in any clothing for cooking allows the person cooking to concentrate on making the meal delicious. 

Our bright and colourful aprons with Australian floral patterns such as Bottlebrush, Wattle, and Grevillea are a perfect gift for any homeowner. These floral patterned aprons carefully arranged on your shelves would draw in anyone looking to get a homeware gift.

Tea Towels

Tea towels are a must-have in homes. Most people have different patterns, sizes and shapes and you can never have enough tea towels in a home, which makes it a valuable gift item for any homeowner. 

With our l00% linen tea towels, people can quickly wipe off food particles on a benchtop or dining table. Tea towels not only help to wipe out spills, but they add a touch of elegance and make a dining room table look classy. With a tea towel on your shelves, you have a perfect gift item that serves a dual purpose – decorating a dining table and keeping it clean.

Our tea towels are designed and made in Australia at Cream Collection, so if you want to have locally-made and sophisticated homeware gift items, our linen tea towels with a size of 70cm x 48 cm is perfect for you. The tea towel softens with washing and is suitable for machine washing.

Cushion Covers 

Cushions are in almost every home and are a perfect way to preserve a cushion. Pillows tend to harbour allergens and germs, but a cushion cover prevents germs from accumulating on the cushion. It also prevents the cushion from getting dirty, saving the cost of professionally cleaning the pillow. 

These benefits make our cushion covers a perfect gift for any homeowner. Our cushion cover offers comfort while keeping out dirt, dead skin cells, germs, and hair from entering a cushion. Made from 100% pure linen, it measures 48cm x 48cm and embroidered a message for a loved one.  

Tote Bags 

Tote bags are easy to carry and can be used for different purposes. They are fashionable and are ideal for a wide range of needs, including shopping, laundry, gym, travel, beach and picnic bag. They can also serve as storage at home. 

Their versatility makes them a valuable and perfect gift for anyone, plus they are renewable, so they will last a very long time. 

We also have tote bags with Wattle flowers and those embroidered with Australia's characterful cockatoos. The tote bags are made from 100% linen and have an internal pocket for small items like keys.  

Cream Collection's tote bags are available in Bottlebrush and Grevillea flower designs and are a suitable gift item for people looking to get all-purpose homewares.

Stock Up On Australian Products 

The right Australian quality wares arranged in your gift section will increase your customer base. People always look for a perfect place to get multipurpose gifts that their loved ones would find valuable.

People are drawn to locally-made products, and our Australian made-homewares with beautiful patterns and design would be most people's preferred choice of gift.

To know more about our Australian-made homewares that can serve as gift ideas, contact Cream Collection today. You can visit our website to select an array of suitable lifestyle and homeware gift items for your store.  

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