Our sustainable gift to you

Our sustainable gift to you

Christmas shopping has started and everywhere you look, people are navigating shopping centres in their lunch breaks and on weekends, gathering shopping bags holding the presents for
loved ones. Show your environment the same love and avoid using and collecting all those toxic shiny plastic bags to hold your Christmas shopping. Take your own cotton shopping bags - or better still take this stylish Organic cotton tote bag with you to load your gifts into - You'll will be making a big difference (and
avoiding mountains of unwanted plastic bags in your home once they have all been emptied).

This stylish tote bag is free to you with any purchase to the value of $100.00 or more, just for this awesome month of December 2018.

One little thing you may not know about "Eco friendly " fabric shopping bags - unfortunately there's NOTHING eco friendly about them. Unless they're made from Organic cotton they're made from cotton which has been sprayed with toxic pesticides, which is terrible for the environment, the birds, insects, rivers, waterways, oceans, marine life and all of us breathing in these pesticides. Next time you're offered, or want to buy an Eco friendly bag please ask if i's made from organic cotton, if not - decline it.

* Please note * The value of the purchase must be for garments purchased to the value of $100.00 or more, the value does not include postage costs, thanks for your understanding. 

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