Thank You for thinking

Thank You for thinking

Thanks to our customers for being our brand ambassadors as through them we've been recommended to some awesome organisations lately and due to this, last week we were asked to submit our Sustainability policy to one of these organisations. Although we live, breathe and constantly think about how we can improve, we had not had a sustainability policy in place. Once we compiled it, we realised how far we'd come, and it's truly due to our customers as we are accountable to them and their families for the way our company conducts itself and the impact we have on the environment.

In case you don't know how you, our current customers and future customers are helping, we'd like to give you a pat on the back, and say well done and keep thinking and researching the brands with whom you do business with - indirectly this is how you're contributing:

The biggest way Cream contributes to sustainability is by using 100% organic cotton, which is free from all toxins and pesticides. Not a blend, not a percentage, just pure, natural 100% organic cotton. That is the goodness that keeps teams feeling cool and gives endless comfort every time Cream is worn. Not only does organic cotton support sustainable farming, it uses less water in its growing process, and eliminates the harmful chemicals associated with regular cotton agriculture. 

You also probably know that Cream is a brand which prides itself on being environmentally conscious and ethical. But, what exactly does that mean? It means that we believe in fair human rights, safe and ethical working conditions and making a positive contribution to the environment. 

When you choose to wear Cream or buy Cream attire for your teams you are buying from a brand which is dedicated to ethical practices in the clothing industry. We only support skilled manufacturers who are aligned to the WRAP code of ethical manufacturing and are certified for this. (no child or slave labour, well lit and ventilated factories, no pregnant ladies doing duties where standing is required, access to toilets at all times of the day, fair working hours, fair wages not living wages, and paid holidays ) 

Our Cream Collection studio is also a single use plastic free environment. Besides the single plastic bag which you receive your orders in, no single use plastic is used in packaging. (and we welcome any waterproof packaging solution you can think of)  All Cream Collection cloth packaging bags are GOTS certified, which is a guarantee that they have been tested to be 100% organic cotton, and are also made by a fair trade compliant factory.

The increased awareness in issues affecting our environment (such as the plastic pollution epidemic and the harmful effects of pesticides on crops and people) has also influenced how managers align their decisions with their own corporate sustainable policies. The ethical way of aligning to these policies is to research whatever your company will be purchasing and apply this habit that does good by the environment and contributes towards sustainability. Nature and nature-based and organic is having a big moment in corporate decision making arenas, and so it should. It feels good.

When it comes to renewing uniform contracts in a few weeks time, think about your teams looking good and feeling good, and about your impact of supporting sustainable farming and ethical work practices will be a positive one. You'll also have a lovely story to tell. 

With knowledge comes power and everyone is capable of making positive contributions.

Curious about finding out exactly how we put our brand ethos into action, and how we contribute to ethics and sustainability? The new Cream Workwear Ethical & Sustainabilty Policy details all the ways in which we walk the talk. It’s on the website, and you can read it here. 


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