Why choose Cream Workwear?

Why choose Cream Workwear?

Cream workwear Premium 100% Organic Cotton

What's different about our chefs uniforms compared to other chefs uniforms?

We’re glad you asked!

We are the only company who makes our entire collection of chef attire in 100% organic cotton. This ensures the fabric is breathable, comfortable, feels great on your skin and keeps you as cool as possible while you’re at work in a hot kitchen.

Organic cotton is good for your skin and great for the environment because it is free of toxic pesticides. Most chefs attire are made from 65% polyester, meaning the chefs who aren’t wearing Cream Collection are actually wearing plastic in their hot kitchens. Our attire will not cause irritating rashes, as there is no irritant in the fabric.

Aside from the premium quality breathable material, our designs are unique as we have thought of every aspect of functionality that can improve your experience being a leader of your field. Our chef jackets provide you with the convenience of attached ergonomic buttons so you don’t have to remove and reattach buttons with every wash, and the versatility of pocket and sleeve length options. All the chef jackets and chef shirts have an extra tab at the back of the neck to hold the neck strap of your apron securely in place so it doesn’t rise up and irritate your skin. We’ve thought of everything so that all your attention can be devoted to your work of art on a plate.

Our slick chef shirt is a perfect example of style not taking a backseat to comfort, with its button down collar tips, French turn back cuffs, concealed front opening and slimline fit.

Premium quality, sustainable fashion. The best hospitality attire in the industry designed for the industry’s best.

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