Would you like to try on Cream Attire in your town?

Would you like to try on Cream Attire in your town?

No matter where in Australia you may reside, you all ask us the same question - “Where can we try on the Cream Collection attire?”

You may be familiar with our range of premium quality 100% organic cotton from social media, or you've seen your mates rocking it, or it's been recommended to you, but what you really want is to do is feel for yourself what everyone is talking about. You really want the chance to try everything on, to see it, to touch it and feel it. You want to experience what sets the Cream Collection clothing apart from it's competitors, and even better, you want to get into those new styles as soon as they are launched.

There is a way - and it’s so easy you’ll wonder why it didn’t think of it before...
Just as you ask us: “Do you have a sales rep in Perth? Brisbane? Adelaide? Melbourne where we can try on your clothes?” And our answer to you is: not yet, BUT you can make your life even more convenient by asking the hospitality sales reps who call on you to stock our clothing. Chat to your friendly hospitality sales reps explaining exactly what you want. Suggest to them to stock the industry leader in hospitality attire as you deserve the best. They’re there to make your life convenient and will be happy to oblige. it will be a true win win.

You'll be able to have regular access to try, feel and experience the luxury of your new Cream Collection attire without ever having to leave your work place. So convenient, so easy. As yours is one of the busiest professions out there, we understand how time poor it can, and heading out to look for new attire may be a little difficult. Having hospitality sales reps who stock Cream Collection come and visit you will make things easy for you, you’ll be able to try on everything in your place of work, all the awesome styles, all the sizes.

Make looking and feeling good the priority it needs to be, talk to your hospitality sales reps whether they be from Wagga Wagga, Wineglass Bay or Walhalla, as we can work with them to help you.
Why haven't we thought about this sooner? 

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