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Cream Workwear

Apron Harry with cross back straps and two generous front pockets, made from Organic cotton

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If this apron is sold out in the colour you would like for your team, please contact us here and we will happily make them for you.

Apron Harry with cross-back straps is Australian made from organic cotton and is the ideal unisex apron when making an entrance.

When you step into a room, people notice. It’s the way you carry yourself, the confidence you exude. You have the power to take someone’s dining experience to the next level, and you do it so effortlessly with your swagger, your charming customer service, and a smile that disarms even the most serious types.

It’s you they look for when they come back again and again. You’re a rock for your team, the one they all look up to. You’ve got their back, but do they have yours? They don’t need to, because you’ve got Apron Harry, the only apron that’s a match for your endurance, the only one that can give you everything you need.

Made from organic cotton, this unisex apron is ideal for chef’s, baristas, bakers, waitresses at restaurants, wines estates and bistros.

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It’s a game-changer, it goes the distance. Your secret weapon.

Australian Made Apron Harry Features:

  • Made from 98% Pure Organic Cotton + 2% Spandex
  • Superbly comfortable & Robust twill fabric
  • Easily adjustable cross-back straps
  • 2 generous front hand pockets 
  • Good length of waist straps to tie in front 

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