just like your favourite white T shirt......only way more stylish


Ever thought about what makes your favourite white T shirt, your favourite?

It’s simple, stylish, versatile, but most importantly, it’s comfortable.We bet your favourite T is made from cotton, like our chef workwear.
Here’s 6 quick reasons why we've chosen to produce our uniforms out of comfortable cotton for you:
  •  Cotton naturally draws heat away from the skin.This cools the wearer, it’s perfect for hot kitchens and humid climates.
  •  Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant which is comforting to sufferers of asthma, allergies, or those with sensitive skin.
  •  Cotton doesn’t pill. “Pilling” are those annoying balls of fibre which appear on synthetic jackets and aprons caused by movement friction.
  •  Cotton won’t cause scarring when burnt. If cotton ignites, it will turn to ash, and not burn into hot molten balls as polyesters does.
  •  Cotton is Biodegradable and a renewable
  •  Organic cotton is the best choice as it is 100% toxic free from GMO seeds, pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.


As your working environment is hot, we can help you feel cool & comfortable doing what you’re passionate about.
We asked a few of our chefs to tell us why they love our uniforms.
“CREAM WORKWEAR’s uniforms provide style, comfort and a perfect fit so I can stay at the top of my game and get the job done,”said Head Pastry Chef Benjamin Meyer.
Josh Retzer from Stillwater restaurant in Tasmania, “Very happy with my jacket, comfortable cotton, stylish cut and very relaxing to wear. Great for all seasons, especially in summer when it gets very stuffy in the kitchen and you are spending 12-14 hours in a uniform.
Nowadays most of the chef wear is made using synthetic fabric.I’m impressed by the idea of creating chef's workwear with organic fabric. I feel so comfortable in my shaped women’s jackets and most important I keep cool during the service. 
said Elisa Gorgia, Sous Chef at Beach House Restaurant, Balmoral beach.

Our chefs jackets are just as comfortable as your favourite white T shirt, ...only way more stylish.

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