Are Cream Collection Aprons Worth It?

Are Cream Collection Aprons Worth It?

Are you looking for a solution to make your hospitality team look and feel their best? 

Are you curious about the promise of high-quality, long-lasting aprons that are sustainably sourced? 

If so, Cream Collection aprons may be just what you’re after! From quality construction to boosted employee satisfaction – we’ve got it all.

Keep reading as we outline how investing in these well-made Australian-made aprons can benefit both the planet and your team.

Supporting an ethical company isn't always easy, but when it comes to such a critical aspect of any hospitality business, staffing, why not put your faith in sustainability and longevity too?

Longevity and ROI: 

Investing in the Cream Collection's aprons is a smart business decision. The aprons are made with certified organic cotton that is carefully sourced to remain ethically conscious. The fabrics used to create Cream Collection's aprons are proven to last longer even through the toughest of conditions.

Not only are the strength and durability of their products impressive, but they also provide a good return on investment as they will not have to be replaced as often as other brands of aprons. Team performance and overall team happiness can be improved when using Cream Collection aprons due to their comfort.


Investing in the right aprons for your hospitality team is a smart move. Cream Collection Aprons not only last longer than other brands, but they're also incredibly durable and are able to withstand the daily wear-and-tear of BOH and waiter demands. This not only saves money in the long run - an impressive ROI - but it can improve team performance too.

As our hospitality aprons are comfortable and stylish, your staff will look sharp day after day and be better placed to provide your customers with a memorable experience! 


Comfort is paramount when it comes to aprons for hospitality venues; after all, nobody can do their best work when they're uncomfortable. Cream Collection creates hospitality aprons that make comfort a paramount necessity.

Our aprons are made from breathable cotton fabric which keeps your team cool and the aprons adjust to fit different body sizes with adjustable straps. When your staff look and feel their best, they will be able to perform at their highest level while wearing our waitstaff aprons - a sure win-win for everyone!

Care for the planet: 

At Cream Collection, we believe in planet-friendly solutions. That's why all of our aprons are made out from certified organic cotton, an environmentally conscious material that is durable and comfortable. Not only will your team be more productive, but you'll also feel good knowing that you're investing in sustainable solutions with long-term ROI and planet-friendly practices. What's not to love? 

Team happiness: 

Team happiness and morale have a tangible effect on team performance, with research showing that happy employees work harder, are more productive and make fewer mistakes.

Cream Collection aprons are the perfect way to ensure your team is comfortable and looking sharp at all times; creating an atmosphere of confidence and efficiency that will be reflected in the quality of their output. In addition, when employees feel respected and valued by their workplace, staff turnover is kept low and you can reap long-term ROI from just investing  in quality aprons.

Team performance: 

When it comes to team performance, Cream Collection aprons are an invaluable tool in making sure everyone looks professional and feels comfortable. Our aprons have been designed with team performance in mind, featuring extras like pockets for kitchen tools and reinforced seams for added strength - so your team can focus on the task at hand without worrying about their equipment.

On top of that, team happiness is key to success and our aprons are designed to meet this need too. So if you're looking to invest in team performance that you can count on, then Cream Collection's range of aprons should be your go-to!


Making the right choice where purchasing aprons is concerned guarantees comfort, value, and durability. With Cream Collection Aprons, you can be sure that your team will look stylish while getting the job done efficiently! Not to mention, you're also helping to preserve the planet when investing in our aprons.

We strive to make sure every team is treated well and gets the best possible protection with a product that stands up against the toughest work environments. So don’t settle for anything less than perfect for your business; you, your team and your business deserves it.

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