Are you soapberry savvy?

Are you soapberry savvy?

When taking care of your Cream Collection Pro purchases – consider using soapberries.

These teeny weeny bubbles of joy can really change your life and help reduce water usage too.

With this “natural wonder” we can introduce you to a washing method that we recommend when caring for your garments. In our handy HOW TO section of our website, you will find all sorts of information about our products –  click here to see how to use soapberries to wash your garments.

We love @that_Red_House for our laundry needs  (they are our soapberry GO TO) – so hop on over and check them out here!!

Soapberries are a fruit of the SapindusMukurossi tree. The fruit is picked, the seed is removed and the shell is then dried. They are full of “Saponins” which is a natural soap. They are naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic.

You can even reduce your water usage as you don’t have to rinse – it is all-natural, so spin away and save some water too!!!

Pop 5 or 6 berries into a tiny natural fabric wash bag (the wash bag is normally included when purchasing berries). The berries last about 5 washes and can then be composted or simply thrown onto your garden.

Simple, sustainable and a fantastic alternative to polluting, chemical washing powders and liquids.

You will be so pleased we introduced you to the incredible soapberry to take care of your Cream Collection Pro garments.

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