Best Aprons in Australia in 2022


At Cream Collection, we have different types of aprons for many purposes. Our aprons designed and created with high-quality material and some of the most comfortable styles you can find in Australia. 

Your apron doesn’t have to be plain, and you can still look beautiful while you make your meal or serve dishes. We have stylish aprons with special stretch weaves, so you can look good and have the freedom to carry out your work without stress. 

Our aprons are 100% cotton and have different designs to suit each person’s mood and preference, including cross back aprons and adjustable neck-straps.  

We also provide custom-made aprons so that you can have a high-quality apron designed just for you.

Feedback from our customers

Our aprons offer several benefits, which make them a preferred option for teams working in cafes, restaurants, hotels, function venues, event venues, pubs, wine estates and bakeries.

We take pride in delivering quality made aprons, and our customers reward us with five-star ratings. 

As we make aprons right here in Australia, we can also customise them, including an embroidery service where we can add logo’s to strengthen our client’s brand.

Here are a few reasons why our aprons always receive a 5-star rating

  • Comfortable - we use stretchy organic cotton. This makes our aprons have a cooling effect, making them perfect for cooking or working in a heated room. The aprons are usually an ideal fit, so you or your staff do not need to re-adjust the aprons while working. Unlike those made from polyester, our organic cotton aprons do not stick to the body or other clothing and are not hot to wear. Get a piece of our apron today, and you can bid goodbye to uncomfortable cooking aprons.
  • Our aprons are designed by hospitality staff and chefs who know all a functional apron should have. Our expert apron designers have included pen pockets, tea towel loops and secret pockets for aprons, all of which are very useful for wearers while working. 
  • We have two sizes of every apron – Regular size for taller people and Petite for smaller bodies. So whatever your size you might be, we have something that suits you.
  • Our 100% organic cotton aprons are durable. With proper care and the right washing technique, the aprons can last for many years. It also helps you cut down on cost as you won’t need to change your aprons frequently.
  • Easy-to-wear - you can get aprons with back straps or adjustable straps of any length to fit your body.
  • We carefully attached the waist straps to the apron to ensure that they secure your apron in place while giving space to breathe and feel comfortable once you tie them. 
  • High-quality - made by only experienced artisans in Australia. Our aprons are so well-made that most people comment on their quality. 
  • Environmentally friendly - you can turn your apron to compost when you no longer want to wear it. 
  • Vegan-friendly - we do not use faux leather or leather straps, so they are suitable for vegetarians. 
  • Leading chefs in the hospitality team wear our aprons.
  • Affordability - compared to other international products of the same quality.

Our aprons are a perfect choice for people who prefer only to wear locally made wares. We make our aprons in Australia. We also make custom-aprons, attach embroidered logos and designs to make the apron unique to our client. 

Experience style & comfort

Being comfortable in any clothing while working, especially an apron, gives you one less thing to worry about while carrying out your work. Our aprons are perfect for your pub, restaurant, hotel, or café staff to ensure they are comfortable serving or preparing meals and drinks.

To get our high-quality aprons, contact Cream Collection today. You can also contact us now for more information about our long-lasting aprons. 

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