Organic cotton face mask

Comfortable face masks

What's so good about Cream Collection's face masks?

We wanted to keep you updated with ALL of the benefits of our reusable masks. 

  • Our organic cotton face masks are now at a special price of $9.95 from $28.95. A saving of $19.00  
  • They are made from super soft organic cotton - no rashes or itchy skin.       
  • They are super easy to wear - they don't dangle off your ear when not in use, they fit all head sizes as they have adjustable elastic straps which fit over the head
  • You will not lose this mask - as it remains around your neck when not in use.     
  • The gentle metal internal nose strips mean you can curve the mask around your nose and reduce those foggy experiences! 
  • They save you money - you can wash and wear them for many years to come
  • They are not disposable single-use face masks, but rather planet friendly 
  • A filter can be inserted into the middle pocket
  • Buy yours HERE    

Our face masks are available in denim, pale blue, and black.

Grab one now HERE NOW and stay safe legends.

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