COVID-19 has changed our world.

Out of disasters and challenges new opportunities emerge.

Like many businesses in our industry, Cream Collection is adapting to these challenging times.

Most restaurants and those in the hospitality trade have shifted their focus to the current needs of their customers, and we are doing the same.

In support of the challenges our clients face we have launched new products to assist with kitchen hygiene, team protection and customer confidence.

And here's some more good news - all stock available on our website was manufactured and shipped to our warehouse pre the COVID outbreak.
This means you can rest assured that none of our garments has been exposed to the COVID virus during manufacture. Packaging in our warehouse is done under strict hygiene control too, so the only thing you need to do is dispose of the courier packaging properly and wash your hands after opening the package.

It's more important than ever to make sure your brand is resilient and pro-active during this time. 

Maintaining your hard earned brand image and keeping customer loyalty is crucial, and we have suggestions to help with this.

If you are preparing meals for take away, consider this :

When customers arrive to collect their prepared meals, or if you deliver the meals yourself, the way you present your restaurant and its team will have an impact. Your customer wants to know that your business is operating with confidence and that you're taking their concerns under these circumstances into account. 
When your customers arrive to collect your meal, or open their door to receive it, how good would it be to see a proud team member impeccably dressed wearing an apron and a face mask branded with your restaurant logo?

Pretty good, right? 

Talk to us now and we'll help you keep your brand strong, healthy and awesomely dressed.


Check out our collection of premium, pure organic cotton face masks and aprons, all optionally branded with your logo.

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