Cream Collection

Cream Collection

When I started this company I was a relatively new comer to the country, the culture, let alone the Australian language. Yes, I speak English, but I didn't speak Australian.

My understanding of the word 'Workwear' was any clothing item one would wear to work, whether it be a beautiful linen dress or a rugged pair of biker pants, it was all clothing which one worked in. Little did I know that in my new adoptive country the word 'Workwear' meant : High Visibilty, hard core protective clothing with highly reflective bits of tape stitched on where ever it could be fitted....

And so after many customers mentioned that the word Workwear wasn't fitting for a premium brand of clothing, we put it out to see what you our customers thought we should brand our creative offering. You may remember the survey we ran we few months ago where we asked for your input. Our favouritre option seems to be your favourite as well, and we're now proudly CREAM COLLECTION. We love it. Thank you for voting and for your input. No more visions of hard core high visibility fluro polyester clothing, just beautiful images of cool and comfortable organic cotton clothing. Your favourite brand of hospitality attire is now CREAM COLLECTION.

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