Does Your Apron Measure Up?

For Australian designed, appealing, and stylish aprons, Cream Collection is your best bet. Custom quality products are what we offer to all of our customers. 

Available is a range of aprons, with stylish, high-end designs that are breathable and comfortable.

Moved by a passion for quality, we produce garments using purely natural organic cotton. Visit our online store for luxurious lifestyle products and fantastic clothing.

What makes a good quality apron?

  • Custom design: "Matching, comfortable, fit to size and occasion" are the words that perfectly describe the kind of aprons we make. This means that you'll get aprons for cooking, gardening, painting, cleaning and any type of profession that will allow moving freely while keeping your body temperature cool in a hot environment. Our adjustable neck straps and cross back styles are the two different sizes of several befitting aprons we provide. Your perfect fit is waiting for you!
  • Aprons made in Australia: The perfect apron takes care of the wearer in the Australian heat. This is why our Australian made custom aprons are most suitable since the organic cotton fabric is protective and relaxing. That's not all; the unique stretch weave offers freedom of movement while making you look great.
  • Designer fit: We factor the body shape of Australians into our garment production so that the wearer gets the perfect fit. From decorative to body pieces, we have a great designer range. Before delivering any garment to a customer, quality control is done to ensure it's fit for its purpose. This is why they are a top choice for people working in the hospitality industry - hotels, bakeries, restaurants, pubs, event venues and wine estates. Since we produce these aprons in Australia, it is easy to customise for our clients via our embroidery service to make their brand stand out.

What makes our service different from competitors?

Our hospitality aprons are comfortable as they do not stick to the body but rather make it cool. In fact, there's no need for re-adjustment while you're working in our aprons because they're tailor-made.

Functionality is another benefit of using our products. Since they are produced by hospitality staff and chefs, there are several pockets for pen, tea towel and other materials you work with designed into the aprons. This gives more flexibility in operation.

Every apron we design comes in a Regular and Petite size for both tall and small body-sized persons. So, you will get your size from our collection.

Have we mentioned durability and simplicity? Since we use sustainable cotton, you can easily wear our aprons using the adjustable straps or back straps, and if you wash them properly, our aprons can last for years. Buying a new apron soon won't be on your list.

Other reasons why we are unique include:

  • Carbon Neutral courier delivery: This service is fast and efficient. Customers get their products on time.
  • Reward points: We incentivise our services by offering reward points to customers who buy from us.
  • No online credit card surcharge: Should you choose to make e-payments, no extra fee is added to the product purchase cost.

Not all hospitality uniforms and aprons and services are the same. 



Think comfortable, great-fitting, and attractive aprons; think Cream Collection.

If your choice of garment is locally made wears, our environmentally- and vegan-friendly, ethically made in Australia aprons are a great choice.

For affordable and high-quality aprons, do not hesitate to contact us at Cream Collection today. We produce the best aprons in Australia.

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