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Gift Ideas For Chefs

We all love to receive gifts, including chefs and hospitality teams who spend most of their time preparing meals for others. 

Whether you are an executive or head chef or looking to appreciate your fellow team members for the excellent job done, you have an array of gift ideas to consider. 

Things to gift a chef are numerous, from cooking utensils to appliances and self-care gifts.

Common gifts for chefs

People who want to get a gift for a chef primarily consider the following gift options because they make the chef’s job easier.  

  • Portable kitchen scale 
  • Set of knifes 
  • Portable grill 
  • Wooden cutting boards

Although these gifts are helpful to chefs and can be useful, it is always best to opt for something more personal and functional and for you to be remembered by.

Every chef uses an apron and has one, so you may not think it wise to gift a chef an apron. However, a treasured gift is a personalised organic cotton chef apron, as this will be unique for your team member.

Why are aprons a perfect gift?

Cream Collection's Australian made chef aprons are available in different sizes and styles. This means you will find a perfect fit for the chef you intend to give a gift to. You can customise the apron with the chef’s name or initials, making it the perfect personalised gift item. 


Things to consider when buying aprons 

As aprons are a perfect gift for any chef, please consider these things when making your decision.


This is one of the most important things to consider before getting an apron. Aprons made with polyester are hot to wear, create static and skin rashes, and are not planet friendly. nylon or rubber material are common, but they are heavier and absorb water. Organic cotton aprons are preferable since they are cool and comfortable and less likely to absorb heat. Since organic cotton material is breathable, it prevents the chef from feeling hot while working in the kitchen.  

Cream Collection's unique fabric has a special stretch factor woven in to allow for ease of movement all shift long.


Chefs carry out different tasks trying to make the perfect meals and have a lot to worry about besides how their apron fits. An apron for a chef should have a style that doesn’t limit the chef’s movement in the kitchen or cause discomfort. 


Benefits of shopping Cream Collection aprons 

There are several benefits of gifting your chef an apron from Cream Collections. These include:

  • Personalised aprons with name or initials 
  • Select the recipients desired size, style and embroider 
  • Comfortable aprons made from sustainably sourced materials 
  • Customised aprons delivered within a short time
  • Australian made



Chef aprons are easily a good gift for any chef, especially when the apron is personalised to suit them. You can now order a customised and ethically made apron to give that chef a special gift instead of opting for a boring gift item.

Cream Collection aprons take about four days for the embroidery, and delivery may take 2 – 7 days. Our aprons are affordable, and you can also get discounts when your order exceeds 20 chef uniforms. You can also shop our front of house café aprons made from sustainable cotton material to make serving easy.  

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