How Long Do Cream Collection Aprons Last?

How Long Do Cream Collection Aprons Last?

Have you been dealing with the hassle and cost of replacing your team's aprons too often? Cream Collection can help - our aprons are tailored for durability, guaranteeing long-lasting quality - some customers have even worn their aprons from us for 7 years straight. 

Read on to learn all about our premium material, as well as tips that will keep your uniform looking great over time. With Cream Collection in your corner, there'll be no more worries or frequent replacements needed!

You already know how vital it is to keep your team looking their best while they work. That's why purchasing quality aprons and uniforms are important when keeping up with your staff's performance. Instead of spending more money than necessary on inferior products that don't last long; consider trying Cream Collection's aprons.

We understand the need for durable yet professional uniforms that possess both efficiency and style. In fact, we have set ourselves apart from other providers by offering the highest-quality uniforms in the market - ones that can stand up to highly demanding environments. Our customer's testimonials are a testament to this. 

So if you're wondering just how long Cream Collection products will really last - read on to see what sets us apart from all other brands.

The Quality Is In the Fabric 

At Cream Collection, we believe that your team deserves the best quality, which is why we use sustainably sourced cotton and certified organic fabrics to make our aprons and uniforms. Our ethically sourced fabrics result in garments that are durable, last longer, and resist fading even with regular wear and wash. 

Every garment is made with reinforced stitching for more strength and longevity so your team never has to worry about their aprons deteriorating. With Cream Collection, you can trust that quality is not being compromised for convenience.

How To Make Sure Your Apron Lasts as Long as Possible  

Keeping your Cream Collection hospitality aprons looking as good as new for as long as possible is easy when you know the right steps to take. To begin with, it’s important to not over-wash your apron–we often think that more is better, but in this case, it's best to just stick with regular laundering. 

We recommend washing by machine at 40 degrees and be sure to tie the straps together before putting them into the washing machine to ensure they don't get tangled with other items in the wash. Additionally, hang-drying is better than tumble drying as hang-drying will extend the aprons life significantly, save power costs and is better for the environment.

Finally, refrain from using harsh materials such as bleach and other strong detergents to clean as this will damage and degrade the fabric over time. 

With these simple tips, your waitstaff aprons and BOH aprons are sure to last much longer than expected!


When you purchase aprons and uniforms from Cream Collection, you'll be investing in your team's comfort and experience. Attractive and long-lasting, these garments are of the highest quality on the market.

With proper care and maintenance, these products can last for years - a far cry from some of the cheaper alternatives that must be replaced frequently. 

Don't wait - give your team the gift of comfort with Cream Collection aprons now! Purchase with purpose and enjoy the durability you've been looking for. 

Buy Cream collection aprons now to equip your team with long-lasting, attractive garments that won't let them down any time soon.

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