How strong is your brand?

How strong is your brand?

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How important is it to have a strong brand? Extremely important. It’s not just about having a stylish logo, at the very core it’s about identity. What identity do you want your brand to project to the public and how will your customers identify with your brand?

Clever branding can increase the value of your company, provide your team with direction and motivation, and make it easier to acquire new customers. You want to stand out from your competitors, and you want recognition and loyalty from your customers. Think about businesses you have visited which have bowled you over with their branding - what exactly did you love about their style?

Design is a good place to start when planning your brand. Step outside and look at all the elements of your restaurant. Study your logo, the decor, your team’s attire, the food on the menu. Do all these elements promise to give your customer the experience they expect when they walk in? Do these elements fulfil your goals of how you want customers to experience your restaurant?

What is it about your restaurant that allows everything to tie in together? Consistency in the look and feel of your brand is the key to design success. It could be the vibrant green from your logo that is added as a pop of colour to the apron straps of your team, or the first page of menus, or elements of the decor such as napkins or window frames.

If you’re looking for inspiration, think about your last experience in a restaurant you hold great memories of. What made a lasting impression on you?. What do you remember from the experience? Was it the combination and subtle repetition of colours and textures throughout the room? Was it the way the staff theatrically presented your meal? Did the staff look presentable, proud and add to the slick dining experience?

When you think of the brand Coca Cola, what are the colours that spring to your mind? Immediately, you are able to answer with ‘red and white'. We’ve tested this question often on our customers and their answer is always red and white. Why? Coca Cola never deviates from their iconic brand colours. Whether it's a new season, or if they’re presenting at an exclusive event, the colours are always red and white. Coca Cola own these two colours, which are internationally recognised and associated with the brand, just as you should own your own the colours associated with your branding so that your customers can easily recognise, refer and relate to you. Don’t send a message of confusion by using multiple colours. Less is more.

Perhaps you’re thinking of rebranding your team’s attire so that there is more cohesion to the overall look and feel of your brand? It’s never too late to rebrand your team. The revamped Quay recently opened its doors to the public and while the decor and menu have been well received, Gourmet Traveller's review began with an unflattering comment about how unattractive the new uniforms looked. This is not a mistake you want to be making in your restaurant. Your team's attire should impress customers and enhance your brand, not weigh it down, or receive negative reviews.

If you have no idea where to start and how to go about refreshing and rebranding your team’s attire, we’ll guide you to achieve a whole new look which will strengthen your brand and make your team look sensational. We have been consulted by teams all around the world on creating their brand from scratch, as well as advising on the best way to move forward with rebranding. We would love to help you achieve your brand success.


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