Industry approved Fabric Face Masks

As you probably heard it's assumed that a waiter on a cruise ship infected 16 passengers with COVID-19 and from there the virus spread into the community.

If you and your team are providing delicious Gourmet meals for home delivery, may we introduce you to our latest product ...

Ben Devlin, Owner and head chef PIPIT Restaurant

With encouragement from Ben Devlin, head chef and owner of Northern Rivers restaurant, PIPIT,  and other customers, we quickly pivoted our business to add a fabric face mask our clients needed. We launched 100% organic cotton expandable face masks, designed and made in Australia for those restaurant and hospitality workers providing home delivery and takeaways. 

With the concerns about food handling and the spread of the COVID-19 virus through poor hygiene practices, we set out to provide a reusable, washable, face mask for those who serve customers from their restaurants, providore stores, or even those who deliver to customers’ front doors. 

Our face masks can be washed and sanitised at high temperatures and re-used to provide a cost-effective and long-term sustainable solution for businesses. A coffee or oil filter paper can be also inserted for extra protection, and the handy nose wire helps to mould the mask to the face and is perfect for those who wear glasses.

We're delighted to say that after just one week of launching, we received an overwhelming response from the hospitality industry, both internationally and nationally, and I believe our face masks will also support other businesses who continue to serve the public such as supermarkets, food suppliers and delivery services who take responsibility in protecting their customers and community. 

Ben Devlin from PIPIT kindly said: “We always wanted Pipit to be a place that could bring happiness to our community and our staff, at this point there is no happiness without safety. Cream Collection is providing a way we can offer a safeguard to both while maintaining the standards and style that our staff are used to.”     
After switching from restaurant service to food care packages and a takeaway menu, Ben provided his team with the CREAM Collection masks, discovering they not only provide hygiene assurance to his customers, but his staff are safe and comfortable. The masks even help with smoke particles usually inhaled from cooking over open fires in the kitchen!

The organic cotton face masks are $15.50 each, with the option to personalise and embroider a name or business logo.

Want them for your venue too?  View them here 

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