Compostable packaging used by Cream Collection for the hospitality industry

Plastic Free Hospitality uniforms

Well done on making wise choices when choosing your hospitality clothing.

As you know we’re a planet-friendly company but do you know how different we are compared to other hospitality clothing companies in that we don't use any plastic in our products or our packaging? As this is Plastic Free  July, you may want to see exactly how different we are.

Cream Collection Pro is a leader in the hospitality industry because we are aware of the impact that every decision has on the planet - and we thank you for being wise in recognising these decisions and being a conscious consumer.

  • Us: We only use biodegradable Swing Tags
  • Them: Use plastic swing tags which never decompose.
  • Us: We only use compostable stickers on our swingtags and mail bags
  • Them: Use plastic backed stickers which never decompose.
  • Us: We only use biodegradable tape to seal our compostable boxes
  • Them: Use plastic tape which never decomposes.
  • Us: We only use metal buckles which eventually corrode and decompose 
  • Them: Use plastic buckles which never corrode or decompose.
  • Us: We only use compostable paper bags to package your garments
  • Them: Use plastic bags to package garments
  • Us: Use biodegradable string to attach swingtickets
  • Them: Use plastic kimbals (those long bits of plastic that you have to break to get the swingtickets off )to attach swingtickets

To all of you in the hospitality industry, thank you for choosing wisely, thank you for being a conscious consumer - the planet thanks you too!

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