Plastic Free July


Do you worry about protecting the ocean? Reducing your eco-footprint? Doing your bit to protect the world we live in? Make it official and Choose to Refuse.

This month is international Plastic Free July. A great initiative which originated in Perth, Australia in 2011 (yay Australia!) and has gained much deserved momentum worldwide. This year’s challenge is to Choose to Refuse single use plastic.

The statistics on plastic are alarming. Scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans.  About half of all plastic produced is for single use or disposable items such as packaging. 

There are many ways you can choose to refuse, like making the switch from plastic bags to paper or organic cotton bags. Avoiding pre-packaged fruit and vegetables can also make a difference.  

Have you ever had a discussion within your team about what changes you can make to reduce plastic use?

What will you do to reduce your plastic use? Tell us your ideas and we’ll share them on our Instagram. 

Visit to take the pledge of reducing your plastic use or even better, sign up your business for the challenge. You’ll be joining over 200 million people from 150 countries in making a difference.







Protect the environment and children

One of the features you love about your Cream jackets are the attached ergonomic buttons skillfully stitched onto the jackets which means you don’t have to worry about removing them and re-attaching them with every wash.

Cream is one of few companies that do this, instead of having plastic removable buttons used by most hospitality brands.

You love the convenience of this feature but did you realise you are also protecting young children from a dangerous choking hazard by not having the plastic buttons lying around and eventually being discarded to the trash.

Well done to you for choosing a sustainable solution - Not only are you protecting the environment when you choose to refuse plastic by choosing Cream, you are protecting the safety of children.


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