Sustainable Business Goals + the Legends who Inspire. 

Sustainable Business Goals + the Legends who Inspire. 

What’s your sustainable business goal? And who inspired you to go after it?

Little do these people know the impact they had on our business and it’s about time I said thanks.

2010 - Cape Town, South Africa 
7pm on my couch watching Masterchef -  Two people had a great impact on my business goal - and it wasn’t who you think.
The TV program Masterchef was relatively new, sustainability was the buzz word, and "green" light bulb moment was delivered to me by these two legends.  
Joost Bakker had built his Greenhouse pop up, eco friendly eating place where pioneering tattooed chef Matt Stone in his black T shirt was forging ahead by showing how to source & respect food and create as little food waste as possible whilst delivering outstanding menus.
Joost had built a sustainable eco friendly eating place from recycled and recyclable products. It was the most progressive idea I had been introduced to and I wanted to move into that green, alternative space and make it home. I wanted to be part of this creative progressive vision in hospitality.

But, I wasn’t in Australia.
I wasn’t in hospitality.
I wasn’t a chef.

I did know I wanted to be part of it, and little did I know that I would one day achieve my business goal – and find a solution for these and other upcoming sustainably thinking visionaries.
Although I didn't tick any of the above skill boxes. I did have one talent - I was a clothing designer. I started researching hospitality uniforms which were available in the market place and found that most hospitality staff were wearing traditional hot & uncomfortable uniforms, invariably made from polyester and not very eco friendly at all.  Hospitality teams were the new rock stars & chefs the new celebrities.  Health Resorts and Eco tourism were growing exponentially but what uniform options were there for sustainable thinking hospitality leaders & their teams?  What trend setting choice did they have? Absolutely nothing.

7 years later…..

2017 -  Sydney, Australia
9am, Cream Workwear studio – dispatching  organic cotton chef jackets and custom designed aprons to the team at Oakridge Wine Estate , Yarra Valley, Australia, where Matt Stone is head chef.
Matt is joined by Jo Barrett, Harry Corder and his team who are serving locally sourced, ethically-farmed and foraged produce.  Matt and Jo have recently been awarded the Trailblazers award from HOSTPLUS.
True legends.

I’ve not had the privilege of meeting Joost nor Matt, and only now am I am thanking them for their spark of inspiration. Thank you Joost. Thank you Matt. Their vision, enthusiasm and pioneering attitudes were so inspiring.

Our business goal never changed. Our team’s determination has been unwavering.  And the awesome customer relationships have been the reward.

What’s your sustainable business goal & who do you thank for inspiring you?
Could your goal be as simple as getting your team in eco friendly, custom designed, on trend uniforms, strengthening your brand and benefiting from the rewards? 

Learn and follow Joost and Matt on Instagram @joostbakker @chefmattstone
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