Turn Black Friday Green

It is better to GIVE rather than receive, and it is healthier to CONNECT with nature rather than buying useless stuff.

This Friday is Black Friday where as consumers we are encouraged to buy loads of stuff at discounted prices which we don't need, and where supply chains have probably been exploited to get this stuff into stores. As this is the antithesis of what we stand for, we've decided to go against the grain again and GIVE back. We've asked the chefs who have collaborated with us in designing chef attire to nominate the organisations who they identify with and these organisations will benefit from the sale of their particular designs sold this Friday. We'll be giving 10% of those particular designs sold to their nominated organisations.

Sustainable champion chef Simone Watts has nominated the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. CNCF plants native trees to sequester carbon while restoring degraded land and conserving the natural biodiversity of Australia. You will feel better GIVING than receiving, and you will feel GREAT knowing that instead of purchasing stuff you probably don't need that you've contributed to a healthier planet. It's a win for all.

FREE Carbon Neutral shipping Australia wide until November 30th, and as usual Carbon Neutral shipping Worldwide.

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