What Are "Green" Hospitality Uniforms And What Are The Best Options?

What Are "Green" Hospitality Uniforms And What Are The Best Options?

As a hospitality manager, choosing “green” uniforms for your staff can be overwhelming. You want to ensure your staff have comfortable uniforms that last and do not harm the environment.

But there are many eco-friendly fabrics and materials to consider, such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled cotton and polyester, recycled PET bottles, and ocean waste.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s look at the pros and cons of each material.

Organic Cotton Uniforms

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals, making it a more sustainable option than conventional cotton. Organic cotton uniforms are also known for their comfort and durability; they won’t pill or shrink like some conventional options can over time. However, organic cotton uniforms may be more expensive than conventional options due to the additional resources required for production. Despite the cost, organic cotton uniforms provide staff with a lightweight fabric that’s breathable and looks professional even after multiple washes.

Hemp Uniforms

Hemp is another great sustainable option for hospitality uniforms that require little water or pesticides in order to grow. Not only does hemp produce lightweight yet durable fabric but also provides excellent breathability and comfort for those who are on their feet all day. Unfortunately, hemp uniforms tend to be more expensive than other options. However, hemp can be expensive compared to other options so this may not be feasible for some businesses.

Recycled Cotton & Polyester Uniforms

Recycled cotton and polyester materials offer a cost-effective solution while still being eco-friendly – the fabrics are reprocessed into new fabrics using fewer resources than traditional methods of production. While these materials may be less than ideal in terms of quality – they can pill or shrink over time – they still provide an affordable option if budget is a big concern. On the downside, recycled materials are typically lower quality than traditional fabrics meaning they may not last as long or may not look as crisp after multiple washes. Essentially they are still made from plastic and it's not fun working in plastic as it is hot and does not breathe.

Recycled PET Bottles & Ocean Waste Uniforms

Using recycled PET bottles or ocean waste material to create hospitality uniforms is one of the most sustainable options available today; this type of material requires no additional resources in production since it comes from products that have already been used up by consumers. However, these materials can often be less durable when compared with other fabric types which makes them better suited for occasional events rather than everyday wear for staff members who are on their feet all day long. Again, they are still made from plastic and it's not fun working in plastic as it hot and does not breathe.

When selecting “green” hospitality uniforms there are many eco-friendly fabrics and materials to consider with varying levels of comfort, durability and quality – as well as price tag! Before making any purchase decisions it’s important to assess what type of uniform will best fit the needs of your staff while considering both environmental impact and financial constraints.


Organic cotton is an ideal choice for hospitality teams looking to go green. This fabric is breathable and comfortable, keeping employees cool and comfortable in any situation. It also has a professional look that is crisp and clean and can be worn for a long period of time without causing skin irritation. 

It meets the highest standards for flame-resistance, making it safe for all workplaces. Not only does this fabric meet all of these requirements, but it is also environmentally friendly since it uses no pesticides or synthetic fertilisers during production. By choosing organic cotton uniforms, hospitality teams can look good while still making an eco-friendly statement.

Investing in quality organic cotton uniforms shows customers that the business takes sustainability seriously, sending a powerful message about their commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. Overall, organic cotton is an excellent choice when selecting green uniforms for hospitality teams.

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