Testimonial from delighted customer in Queensland – Cream Collection

Posted on by Pam Burnett

This is a letter from a customer in Queensland. To be fair to our competitors, we have edited their brand names from the letter received. 
"Firstly I was meaning to thank you for the personal hand written message on the order. I don't recall ever getting something like that - I thought it was really thoughtful and different! 
You guys provide such awesome customer service before and after sales which is much different to ******** which I have used the in the past. 
Fitment - I absolutely love the two jackets that I brought. It has always been hard to find a jacket that fits me and being a Vietnamese born Aussie I never found one that fit me as well as the your small size. The fit is up there as my two most important point as it can make or break you. Sometimes you can wear a chef's jacket that doesn't fit well and it kind of makes you look fake or not genuine about your work. I think this similar to a business suit that is tailored made vs a generic one as you can definitely tell the difference. 
Material and feel - the cotton is so cool and feel soft on the skin. I don't think I can ever go back to a normal jacket. 
Features - I love the pocket on the back I thought that was the coolest part. It fits my XS max perfectly and it was funny putting my phone into the back pocket the very first time thinking inside my head whether it was going to fit or not but you guys have done your homework.  
I love the breathing eyelets under the armpits and the button at the back neck for the apron to sit nicely.  
From a variety point of view I think you have a good and concise range of jackets. You've gone for quality over quantity as ********** have so many to choose and you can get lost in there.
Packaging wise I love the satchel bag that it came in with the draw strings.  
I could write much more but I think you guys know your product very well and it does fall into a niche market but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for and I will definitely be ordering a few more in the near future for my other staff as I love your products. Can't wait to try the pants or the other range. 
Thank you,
Chef L. "