A Sustainable Alternative for Hospitality Uniforms

A Sustainable Alternative for Hospitality Uniforms

In the hospitality industry, uniforms are an essential part of the job. A level of trust comes with seeing a staff member in uniform, as customers know they are dealing with a professional. Uniforms also create a unified look that helps staff members project strength and team unity to customers. Furthermore, they can also help to promote a company’s brand through the brand colours and designs.

When it comes to purchasing uniforms however, sustainability isn’t often top of mind. Many traditional uniforms use fabrics that contain harmful chemicals and dyes, which can have negative environmental impacts when washed or disposed of. On top of this, such materials may not last long and require frequent replacement, leading to excessive consumption and waste.

Luckily, Cream Collection offers a sustainable alternative to standard hospitality uniforms. Cream Collection provides environmentally friendly uniforms made from organic cotton which is more breathable than synthetic materials usually used in typical uniforms and aprons. Furthermore, our manufacturing process also ensures minimal water consumption and energy use during production for an overall eco-friendly approach.

These sustainable uniforms will look great on your staff while also ensuring your business is doing its part for the planet; organic cotton is naturally softer on skin than other fabrics such as polyester or nylon and is biodegradable when disposed of correctly. 

Our range includes trousers, chef shirts, chef jackets and aprons made from organic cotton fabric which is designed to be durable enough to handle the demands of any hospitality role, while being kinder on the environment than conventional fabrics.

All items in our collection are produced using environmentally-friendly processes and materials and low impact dyes. Our uniforms have been designed with details such as reinforced pockets and reinforced straps for added durability, perfect for staff working in busy hospitality settings.

Our aprons are perfect for chefs and bartenders alike thanks to their design, which keeps them looking smart through long work days in demanding roles. In addition, all items can be washed at low temperatures with reduced detergent to save energy and water consumption, further reducing environmental impact.

The Cream Collection range of uniforms also offers a number of other benefits when it comes to staff morale and satisfaction. We believe that when staff members wear uniforms made from ethical and sustainable sources they feel better about themselves both mentally and physically - as well as helping boost their confidence levels at work. By investing in quality materials that are kinder on the planet too, you’re sending a message to your team that they’re worth it - something that will remain long after the initial purchase of uniforms has been made!

When it comes to sustainability and ethical fashion, we believe that everyone should have access to clothing that is not only stylish but also good for our environment too. The Cream Collection team is dedicated to making sure that all products adhere to these values so that businesses can build a team of motivated individuals who can take pride in wearing garments designed with both people and planet in mind!

We understand that customers care about their impact on the planet, which is why we only use recycled packaging for our items. We are committed to ensuring sustainable practices throughout our supply chain so you can have peace of mind when purchasing products from us.

You do not need to sacrifice ethical standards for sustainability; you can have both! So why not choose Cream Collection for your next order of hospitality uniforms? Your staff will look chic while helping save our planet at the same time!

View the styles online or call our friendly team on 1300 846263 to help you design your team's beautiful new uniform today.

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