How to Decide On Which Aprons To Buy For A Restaurant Or Hospitality Venue

How to Decide On Which Aprons To Buy For A Restaurant Or Hospitality Venue

When deciding on the aprons for your new or existing restaurant or hospitality venue, it can be a daunting task. 

Do you go for the cheapest option? The badly fitting one my mother-in-law can make us? The fashionable choices that are in vogue today – but may become obsolete soon? 

There's so much to consider when choosing which aprons will provide the best value over time and most importantly, ensure team happiness and performance. 

Have you considered Cream Collection Aprons?

With their longevity, durability, comfort and being made in Australia they could be what you’ve been looking for. In this blog post we’ll explore all of these potential benefits plus some of the key pros and cons of opting for their aprons over other brands of aprons - helping you decide if investing in a set of Cream Collection Aprons is worth it!

If you own or manage a restaurant, catering, or hospitality business then you know how critical a uniform can be for creating strong team morale and a consistent brand message. Customised aprons can play an important role in strengthening your brand identity and amplifying the values and quality of your business. 

Cream Collection aprons are worth considering as they are made from durable materials that stand up to hospitality demands. Not only will your staff look sharp but the choice of having the venue's logo embroidered on the apron will help boost your brand recognition. 

Comfort is just as essential and that's where these aprons really shine - with their stylish yet comfortable fit, team members will be delighted to put them on and work with ease. Moreover, these aprons have been crafted carefully with environmental sustainability in mind and they confidently come backed by great ROI as they last longer than most competitors. All in all, Cream Collection aprons could be the ideal solution when it comes to choosing uniforms which match your venue colours while supporting Australian manufacturing at the same time.

How to know how many aprons to order

Whether you have a large team of hospitality professionals or just a few, you’ll want to make sure everyone has their own aprons. We recommend 5 aprons per team member for the most effective longevity and return on investment. This way each employee can have one clean apron per shift without having to worry about laundering every night.

Plus, having spare aprons on hand is always a smart idea in case a new team member joins your crew. With FOH aprons crafted using durable materials that come with exceptional comfort, you can be sure your whole team will be happy working in a Cream Collection waiter or waitstaff apron. And with all our aprons proudly made right here in Australia, you’ll be doing your part to care for the planet too!

The decision whether or not to buy Cream Collection aprons for your team comes down to a few key factors: 

Consider brand colours, logo placement, and the functionality of the aprons - what will make your team both happy and comfortable in their work clothes? Will they communicate your planet friendly message? 

Additionally, considering the potential cost-savings of such an investment may be a major benefit - are the aprons worth it in terms of long-term ROI? 

How to decide on aprons for a new restaurant or hospitality venue

Choosing the right aprons for a new restaurant or hospitality venue can seem daunting – you want to choose something that looks stylish, is durable and comfortable, and that also has sustainability in mind. But which one should you go for? One great option to consider are Cream Collection aprons.

With their high-quality production standards from Australia, these workwear uniforms offer plenty of advantages like longer lifespan, cost efficiency as well as team happiness: your staff will be more comfortable on the job and enjoy wearing quality gear!

Read on for more details on exactly why Cream collection aprons are worthwhile so that you can make an educated decision about whether they’re right for your workplace environment.

The importance of uniform and team morale 

The importance of having elements of uniformity and cohesion within your new venue cannot be overstated. Brand colours and logo are just one element that can help create a unified restaurant environment, making it a more pleasant place to work in and easier for customers to identify.

When choosing aprons for your venue, take into account the colours of the aprons in comparison to the colour palette of your brand logo. This will help ensure that they work together almost seamlessly, creating a pleasing aesthetic while helping your teams perform at their highest level possible.

You may also want to consider having your branding directly printed onto the aprons themselves - this will be a surefire way to make sure that everyone recognises your business!

Longevity vs short-term ROI

When choosing the right aprons for your team, it's important to consider both functionality and comfort. Functionality refers to how well the apron can provide protection while being lightweight. Comfort is key when purchasing aprons as they will be worn by your team through long shifts.

Make sure the fabric is breathable as well as durable while still feeling cool against the skin. If you opt for apron pockets, make sure they are large enough so that your team members have enough space to carry necessary items without causing any discomfort or bulkiness. Additionally, adjustable straps should be included for all members to properly fit their aprons to their body size and shape for maximum comfort during their shift.

The pros and cons of high quality aprons from the Cream Collection

Investing in high quality aprons from the Cream Collection is a no-brainer if comfort, care for the planet, team happiness and performance are important to you. Not only are they made with longevity and ROI in mind, they are also incredibly sturdy and comfortable. Plus, the fabric used is sustainably sourced and gentle on the environment.

Furthermore, research has demonstrated that when teams are provided with comfort and items of quality, their happiness and efficiency increase manifold. Added to that, all Cream Collection aprons are cleverly handcrafted right here in Australia by expert artisans! So there is really no con when it comes to high quality aprons from the Cream Collection - comfort, care for the planet, team happiness and performance come as standard.

Choosing an Australian brand - sustainability and ethical production 

With sustainability and ethical production becoming an important factor when choosing a brand, people are turning to high-end Australian brands like Cream Collection aprons who not only produce in Australia but offer excellent customer service along with high quality materials.

At Cream Collection you can be sure that your product is made followings standards of eco-friendly practices, providing you with the assurance that you’re helping out the environment without compromising on the quality of the product. Plus, with the proven longevity of these products for both individual and industrial use, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting value for your money as well as helping to create team happiness and performance within your workplace.

Buy a sample before investing in bulk to try it 

Investing in bulk can be a big decision, so why not test drive an apron from  Cream Collection to see if it's worth it? You can get the stakeholders' and team approval before ordering. From longevity and return on investment to durability, comfort and care for the planet, each apron is made with quality and great design in mind ensuring your team is performing at their best. Plus, made right here in Australia with quality assurance; once you try one you won't want to wear anything else.

The right apron can make all the difference

Brand strengthening and great marketing play a critical role to ensure your restaurant stands out in a highly competitive market. Serving customers with excellence should always be the top priority, and this starts with having the right team of people representing our brand in the best possible way.

The Cream Collection range of high-quality aprons, ensures that your staff look professional and up-to-date - Brand is everything! Not only are these investment pieces from Cream Collection durable, comfortable and provide excellent ROI - but they also contribute to a healthier planet too.


All in all, Cream Collection aprons are worth the investment for your team, both ethically and economically. These practical and stylish aprons are built-to-last to guarantee that your team can enjoy their maximum benefits for a long time. Quality products from this Australian brand guarantee sustainability and ethical production, so you're doing good for both yourself and the planet.

Plus, every customer you serve wearing these aprons can tell the story of quality through their comfortable fit and excellent durability. Indeed, we believe that investing in delicious ingredients won't be maximised without investing in first-class aprons too! 

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